Natural Wellness Academy Launches Fast-Track Learning Center in France

Natural Wellness Academy students have an exciting new learning option;

Fast-track, in-person certification programs in stunning locations featuring uplifting education, enlightening experiences and interacting with like-minded colleagues from around the world.

Founded in 2013, the Natural Wellness Academy (NWA) offers certification training in diverse, cutting-edge coaching programs like Spiritual Wellness, Neurodivergence Life Coach, Nature Therapy Guide, Medical Cannabis Coaching, Mind Dynamics, Health & Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and much more.

NWA certification blends holism (integration of mind-body-spirit), nurturing talents and qualities (through one-on-one mentorship and mastermind training) and building confidence.

NWA graduates are fully prepped for life-changing lucrative careers that nourish their soul and improve the lives of their patients, family and self.

With the establishment of Natural Wellness Academy Europe, NWA now adds accelerated learning in an atmosphere of culture, discovery, and commonality of purpose.

We are profoundly proud to introduce our first European campus, a land reaching from the sun-kissed Mediterranean, inland across hills and valleys clad in abundant vineyards, into the Pyrenean mountains.

Situated in the Occitanie region of southern France, on an idyllic property nestled in the foothills of the Pyrenes near the medieval city of Carcassonne, NWA Europe is currently offering 3-5 days of accelerated training in our 3 most popular programs: Nature Therapy Guide, Past Life Regressionist (and Hypnotherapy certification) and/or Spiritual Wellness Life Coaching.

Jo Norton, a UK national by birth, has lived in France for over 25 years leading guided nature therapy and historic walks, facilitating meditation, and mindfulness programs and hypnotherapy trainings, and coaching in mind-body-spirit wellness for over 18 years.  Beloved by her mentees, Jo makes learning a special delight.  She has been an enthusiastic participant in many of our certification programs as well as flying to the US to attend our very first Spiritual Wellness Retreat in February 2024.

With these residential programs, individuals who want to immerse themselves in accelerated training, have time constraints and/or might want to switch careers, can qualify quickly as a Nature Therapy Guide, Past Life Regressionist or Spiritual Wellness Life Coach.

Over 3 to 5 days (depending on their chosen program), candidates immerse in dynamic hands-on experiential workshops covering the program’s key learning objectives.  Following up with a limited amount of online self-study fully supported and guided by their mentor Jo, students will receive their certification diploma in their chosen field.

Check out the France campus website to see the exact dates and enrollments but the first offering (Nature Therapy Guide – 5 days) is in June 2024.  We will also be hosting retreats there for the Academy in 2025.

Describe the accommodations

Cozy, rustic cottages fashioned from the original wine-making barns. Each is fully equipped with private kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and study area.

 How does one get to the property?

The closest airports are Carcassonne and Toulouse; train stations: Bram, Carcassonne, Castelnaudary & Toulouse. We collect and drop off candidates from the airport/train stations. If you are driving, we can send you detailed instructions.

Is the tuition all-inclusive?

Yes. The course fee includes: all tuition and mentoring during and after the retreat, as well as all accommodations, meals and transportation.  It also includes your certification and any self-study materials.

 How do I earn my certification from the Natural Wellness Academy?

During the retreat candidates will undertake and participate in a series of practical activities, discussions, and role-play exercises culminating in the completion of most (if not all) the program’s required Learning Experiences (LEs). Upon successful submission and approval of all LEs, NWA will issue your professional certification.

Can I stay longer to do sight-seeing?

If you want to experience the rich heritage of the Pays Cathare region and its castles, you are welcome to arrive a few days earlier and/or stay on longer for personalized sight-seeing tours.

You can also come back for refresher days to obtain more hands-on practical experience – simply get in touch to organize a time that suits. Or you can sign up to study a complementary fast-track natural wellness program!

Can my dietary requirements be catered for?

If you have any specific dietary requirements, then these will be catered for as best we can and should be communicated at the time of booking. The accommodations have their own cooking facilities should you prefer cooking for yourself.

 Are the classes in English? Can I take these in French or another language?

Since English remains the common language across Europe, all classes are currently held in English.



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Founded in 2013, the Natural Wellness Academy provides personal mentorship to nurture students into knowledgeable, marketable coaches and guides who improve people’s holistic health outcomes. Explore our expert-led, professional certifications in various wellness specialities to lauch a rewarding career or to augment your existing practice.

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