This tool generates an Natural Wellness Academy affiliate link using the affiliate ID, target page, and an image. Simply complete the fields below to generate a link. All fields must be filled out!

Step 1: Enter the Affiliate ID

What is the affiliate ID? Mentors can look up affiliates here (admin login required). For example: affiliate1

Step 2: Enter a Page URL

What page do you want to link to? Do not include the affiliate ID here (it is added in step 1). For example, the home page would be:

Step 3: Enter an Image URL

What image do you want to be in the banner? Check out the Banners Gallery for URLs of premade banner images. Mentors can also upload a custom image here (admin login required). To learn more about using the Media Uploader, click here for instructions.

Step 4: Preview the Banner

Your banner is shown below, exactly as the code will display. Not working? Double-check your image URL. You also can click on the banner to see if it goes to the page you wanted. You can modify your settings above to change the banner.

Step 5: Copy the HTML Code

Your code is in the box below. Click in the box to highlight the code, then copy it using CTRL+C (or right click and select “Copy”). Make sure you didn’t accidentally leave the affiliate ID blank above!