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Holistic Health & Life Coaching

The Academy's signature offering, our 150-hour coaching certification utilizes one-on-one mentorship to transform you into a wellness professional capable of starting a practice and guiding clients to their long-term goals.

Cannabis Coach

Medical Marijuana is a fast-growing field, with a vast array of roles to play. Still in its infancy, Medical Marijuana and CBD (now legal in all 50 states) offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get into the industry on the ground floor, be a pioneer in the field and help people (and their pets) improve their health.

Spiritual Wellness Specialist

Spiritual wellness is the baseline upon which all other wellness depends. Learn soul-level healing modalities that help clients tap their inner guidance and intuition, deepen their connection to the Divine, and achieve a higher octave of joy. You'll also be dual certified as a meditation and mindfulness instructor.

Mind Dynamics Life Coach

True wellness occurs when the mind works for you, not against you. Get your mind on your side with Mind Dynamics, our trademark specialty. You'll learn the biology of the brain and structure of the mind to master tools that help your clients make lasting changes by through the right mindset.

Sacred Journey Facilitator: Self-Discovery through Earth Medicine

Learn how to apply ancient wisdom and modern enthenogenic techniques to tap into your unique earth medicine and guide others on journeys of renewal and self-discovery.

Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor

Master tried and true meditation and mindfulness practices that can help clients live in grace and with present moment awareness and improve their mental health and productivity.
Gut Health

Mind-Gut Guru

An emerging area of science and wellness, gut health could be the single most beneficial factor in functional wellness transformation. Learn the biology of the intestinal system and how to naturally balance the gut—which can boost immunity, prevent serious diseases, and improve mindset and happiness.

Essential Hypnotherapy Skills

Learn to compose self-therapies and suggestions for creating healthy habits, overcoming stress and negative behaviors, and enhancing lifestyle for the self and others. Included with our Clinical Hypnotherapy and Mind Dynamics certifications.

Nature Therapy Guide Certification

Learn practical skills for leading others to reconnect with nature’s healing power in a safe, meaningful, and cost-effective way.

S-Tox: A Smarter Way to Detox

S-Tox is a simple, stress-free, satisfying, sensible program to detoxify your system over your choice of 4, 7, or 21 days. Enjoy smoothies, shakes, soups, salads, and snacks! Also bundled with select courses.

Alkalinity Challenge

Balance your pH and alkalize your body chemistry during this 2 week guided experience complete with recipes, menu planners, daily motivational messages, and more. Also bundled with select courses.
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Webinars Library

A library of Natural Wellness Academy webinars on body, mind, spirit, and business topics. Bundled with select courses.
Home Office

Essential Effective Coaching

Bundled with several of our programs, this course teaches students essentials techniques to be effective coaches, from crafting a niche business plan to helping clients achieve desired life goals.

Intro to Mind Dynamics

This intro to the power of the subconscious mind helps you create life-affirming habits, raise your permission levels, and neutralize neural hijacking -- for yourself and clients.

CBD/Cannabis Continuing Education

Change is a constant in the Cannabis Community. Get the latest news, business, trends, research, culture and more from the world of cannabis.
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Clinical Hypnotherapist

The subconscious represents 70% of the mind, and hypnotherapy taps it directly. Learn to work with the deeper levels of the subconscious mind to effect lasting change, process childhood and generational trauma, release phobias, understand PTSD, and implement Parts Therapy and Past Life Regressions.

Hypnovation for Health

Hypnovation for Health uses powerful, relaxing hypnotherapy modules for Mind Mastery, along to help you easily create a new, health-enhancing lifestyle to lose weight comfortably and naturally.

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