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The Thoracic-T Masterclass

Welcome to the transformative world of the Thoracic-T! Embrace the journey of self-soothing and emotional release with this therapeutic tool specifically designed to relieve anxiety and liberate trapped emotions.

Spiritual Wellness Specialist

Spiritual wellness is the baseline upon which all other wellness depends. Learn soul-level healing modalities that help clients tap their inner guidance and intuition, deepen their connection to the Divine, and achieve a higher octave of joy. You’ll also be dual certified as a meditation and mindfulness instructor.

Certified Neurodivergence Life Coach

Neurodivergence is a nervous system that functions differently, whether due to developmental conditions like ADHD & ASD (autism spectrum disorder), trauma, or even viral complications. This groundbreaking program qualifies you to work with ND adults populations and their support teams to create the client’s best, most sustainable, rewarding life across five domains: Body, Mind, Emotions, Relationships, and Spirit/Soul/Purpose.

Mind Dynamics Life Coach

True wellness occurs when the mind works for you, not against you. Get your mind on your side with Mind Dynamics, our trademark specialty. You’ll learn the biology of the brain and structure of the mind to master tools that help your clients make lasting changes by through the right mindset.

Past Life Regressionist

Reincarnation features in foundational beliefs of religions and philosophies across time and space, and a third of American adults believe in the existence of the soul beyond physical life. Partner with these clients using Self-Hypnosis, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression to help them better understand themselves to improve wellbeing and achieve goals.

Cannabis Coach

Medical Marijuana is a fast-growing field, with a vast array of roles to play. Still in its infancy, Medical Marijuana and CBD (now legal in all 50 states) offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get into the industry on the ground floor, be a pioneer in the field and help people (and their pets) improve their health.

Essential Hypnotherapy Skills

Learn to compose self-therapies and suggestions for creating healthy habits, overcoming stress and negative behaviors, and enhancing lifestyle for the self and others. Included with our Clinical Hypnotherapy and Mind Dynamics certifications.

Mind-Gut Guru

An emerging area of science and wellness, gut health could be the single most beneficial factor in functional wellness transformation. Learn the biology of the intestinal system and how to naturally balance the gut—which can boost immunity, prevent serious diseases, and improve mindset and happiness.

Coach’s Guide to Medical Cannabis & CBD Certification

Medical Cannabis is booming, and coaches can help patients bridge the “post-prescription knowledge gap” that leaves patients wondering how to fill prescriptions, select strains, and implement delivery systems. Learn about the research, science and application of Medical Cannabis and CBD so that you can help clients match solutions to their needs.

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