An Entirely Fresh Take on creating a Vision Board – With a Handy Tool!

Dr. L J’s “Bagua Board” – helps you home in on specific areas of life to set positive and proactive intentions!

Instead of creating a “regular” Vision Board – Dr. L J has created a “Bagua” board, based on the Western School of Feng Shui (the art of placement.) AND an easy-to-use template so that you can make yours quickly and efficiently – WITHOUT glue, poster board, tons of magazines, scissors, glue sticks, etc.

You may have seen this symbol before – the standard Asian bagua with the yin-yang symbol and the octagonal shape (8-sided)

The bagua configuration in the Western approach to feng shui is rather different; It is divided into nine areas of life, called “guas”. If you were to imagine yourself standing outside of your front door, (which would be below the bottom row in either left, middle or right) your house would be divided into these nine squares.


Download our free guide with thought-provoking questions to help you hone in on the ideal images or traits that you wish to bring into your life this year.  Click on the link to download the guide and also the adobe template, where you can easily upload your photos or source free photos from the internet (links provided).

So fun and simple to use that instead of laboring to complete a single Vision Board for the whole year, why not have one for each season or even every new moon or month?  We would love to hear your feedback:

Bagua Board Workbook (first link) and Easy-to-Use Template

Coaching Bagua Boards

Bagua Board Template

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