Juliane Nowe is an entrepreneur and founder of Juliane NOWe, where she shares wisdom, teaching and healing for yourself, life and heart. She is also the host and creator of The NOWe Show, which features conscious conversations on cannabis, yoga, lifesyle, spirituality, awakening, and more. Juliane was frequently sick throughout her youth – until she found spirituality, yoga, food healing, Chinese and alternative medicine, and energy work. Inspired by the true healing she found in these modalities, she decided to pay it forward by helping others through classes, programs, coaching, mentoring, and inspirational posts. Juliane has been using cannabis since she was about 17. Her father has been cultivating cannabis since he was the same age, choosing this healing method over opiates to treat chronic pain and other ailments. Juliane's partner, Fabian Henry, has founded of 13 cannabis clinics across Canada. The clinics focus on serving Veterans with PTSD and their families, with the goal of bringing these under-served groups holistic healing and care.