Hope for Hydration

Natural Alternative to Vitamin Water Are you hydration-challenged? Do you find it difficult to down your recommended 8 x 8 oz’s each day? I go in and out of good hydration cycles; sometimes right on track, other times neglectful to the point that I can sense my body craving liquid. So I was very excited […]

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Balanced Rocks

LJ’s Healthy “Not Really Egg”-Nog

 For the past two years I’ve had requests to create a raw vegan “eggnog” and decided to take on the challenge for my recent holiday menu class at Abby’s Health and Nutrition last week. After playing around with a few different concoctions, I came up with a recipe that even surprised me with how much […]

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Green Juice Fast Reflections on “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead”

As I am sipping on the first of my green juices for a 3-day detox, I am reflecting on the movie “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” which I streamed last night from my Netflix account.

This inspiring film was created by Australian entrepreneur, Joe Cross, documenting his astounding weight loss and reversal of several chronic medical conditions all through “rebooting” his system through a 60-day juice fast.

At a truck stop in Winslow, Arizona Cross met a man who was the same age, extremely overweight and suffered from exactly the same painful skin condition (Urticaria) that had plagued Joe for years.  What seemed like a random meeting lead to a life-changing moment for both of these men.  While Joe had already begun his journey to conscious self-care and better health, Phil Staples weighed over 400 lbs and was living a very reclusive and lonely existence.  When he reached out to the filmmaker, Cross flew back from Australia and gave Staples all of the tools to change his life.

I strongly recommend downloading or renting this 95 minute film through Netflex or Itunes.  The use of animation and provocative interviews with nutritionists and healthy eating pioneer Dr. Joel Fuhrman (“Eat to Live”) and other case studies.

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Daily Recipe for The Master Cleanse

In preparation for the Group Opt-In Master Cleanse beginning this Tuesday, September 3rd make sure to read all of the posts  to familiarize yourself with the program and to get an idea of what you will need to buy beforehand.  You are welcome to post any questions or comments either here on the blog or on our Facebook page where we will be checking in daily with motivation, inspiration and cheer-leading.

The basic Master Cleanse is over a 10-day period, with a couple of days at the end to ease back into solid foods.  There are individuals who have continued the fast for as long as forty days.  Although it is thought that the 10 days is an ideal period to facilitate a proper detoxification, should you decide to fast for a day or two or three, that’s perfectly fine.  Any time you can give your body a rest from solid foods and the very taxing digestive process, it’s bound to be good for you!  Make sure to check with your physician if you have any concerns.

NEW! Do you find it difficult to complete detoxes, like the Master Cleanse, that demand deprivation and difficult regimens? Check out my brand new program, S-Tox™: A Smarter Way to Detox. S-Tox is a simple, stress-free, satisfying way to detoxify your system. You enjoy wholesome Super Smoothies, Scrumptious Shakes, Soul-Soothing Soups, Satisfying Salads, and Sensational Snacks — that keep you feeling full while flushing away toxins. Best of all, a health coach will guide you through the process! Get started here!

NOTE:  If you are taking a prescribed daily medication, do not stop taking it unless your medical doctor advises as such!

Here is what you will be consuming on a daily basis during The Master Cleanse:

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