The Zen of Savoring a Young Coconut

Dr. L J’s article also appears in Huffington Post’s GPS for the Soul Mindfulness is about being fully invested in the moment, which is particularly gratifying when you are doing something you cherish. Eating a young coconut has become such a relaxing (and delicious!) ritual for me that lately I’ve been turning all my visitors […]

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Longevity Lifestyle – Anti-Aging Dynamics that Work!

Looking and Feeling Young:  A Major Benefit of the Raw Vegan Lifestyle.  From the London VegFest September 27-28, 2014 Left to Right:  Victoria Moran, 64 yrs old, Mimi Kirk, 76 yrs,  Dr. L J, 60, Karen Ranzi, 60 Yes — you read that right.   That stunning blonde just celebrated her 76th birthday last week! […]

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Where, oh where has my energy gone?

  Recipe for Mind and Body It’s 5:00 pm and you feel completely drained. The prospect of going home and facing household chores, children, or spouse exhausts you even more. You wish you could just sleep for a week. Waking up each morning you dread the day, wondering how you can cope. Or, as much […]

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Course for High Demand Holistic Health Careers

Natural Wellness Course Creates High-Demand Holistic Health Careers  Coaching Program Targets Obesity, Diabetes, Heart and Other Health Issues The American Medical Association has declared obesity a disease, effectively saying 78 million American adults and 12 million children have a medical condition requiring treatment.  And the CDC reports that more than 66% of adult Americans are […]

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GREEN-IN – 3 Days of Green Smoothies – Are you IN?

Free Guided Event with Dr. LJ Rose Follow at Your Own Pace Whether you are brand new to Green Smoothies or Juicing or would like to be motivated as part of a group, join us this upcoming Monday – Wednesday for our Green-In.  A Green Smoothie is a blended drink, preferably your first food of […]

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I Like The Way You Move

Photo by D Sharon Pruitt
Pink Sherbet Photography

Recipe for Body, Mind AND Spirit!

I like the way you move…

That’s actually the name of a song that I have on my iPod – specifically on a playlist I titled “Get Moving” —  a collection of music that lifts my spirit and spurs me into motion.

The more you get moving, the more calories you burn.  The more regularly you exercise, the more it revs up your metabolism, helping your body burn calories even faster.

So maybe you’re not be ready to devote a solid 45 minutes to an hour every day on a fixed cardio routine.   There are some great alternatives to get you started.

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Hope for Hydration

Natural Alternative to Vitamin Water Are you hydration-challenged? Do you find it difficult to down your recommended 8 x 8 oz’s each day? I go in and out of good hydration cycles; sometimes right on track, other times neglectful to the point that I can sense my body craving liquid. So I was very excited […]

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Mind Over Muscle

Did you know that you can accelerate your workout results by getting your subconscious mind to collaborate? By making use of your “communication highway” you can direct your body to perform more effectively and tone more rapidly. I was a late bloomer when it came to being body conscious and taking responsibility for my health […]

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Mind Over Muscle – Part 2

Super-Charge Your Fitness and
Diet Goals Through
the Power of your Imagination.

Have you taken the self-test in the blog directly below this one?  (Mind Over Muscle – Part I)

The information in this post will be much more valuable once you take the time to do that.  Knowing how to communicate to your mind in its preferred representation medium is a monumental resource!

We are learning more and more about how powerful our minds can be in creating your life experience.   The more you engage your mind in the process of any goal or ambition, the faster the results.  Many self-help methods recommend that you should “visualize” your goal in order to get faster results.  I choose to use the term “guided imagery” in recognition that not all of us can easily “see” an image on our mental screen.

This might come rather easily to a VISUAL type, but the AUDITORY or KINESTHETIC might not have that inner sense as well developed.  A way that you can flex all of your sensory muscles is to make lists of different images in every category and practice daily until it becomes effortless to imagine.
For instance:  A baby holding a bottle, or a kite flying in the breeze may be visual images; the sound of a telephone ringing or chimes blowing in the wind are examples of auditory images; while the feel of holding someone’s hand or the sensation of warm flannel sheets against your body are kinesthetic images.  Also experiment with taste and smell; The more you can develop your inner vision, the more magnetic attraction your thoughts create.

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