Mind Over Muscle – Part 2

Super-Charge Your Fitness and
Diet Goals Through
the Power of your Imagination.

Have you taken the self-test in the blog directly below this one?  (Mind Over Muscle – Part I)

The information in this post will be much more valuable once you take the time to do that.  Knowing how to communicate to your mind in its preferred representation medium is a monumental resource!

We are learning more and more about how powerful our minds can be in creating your life experience.   The more you engage your mind in the process of any goal or ambition, the faster the results.  Many self-help methods recommend that you should “visualize” your goal in order to get faster results.  I choose to use the term “guided imagery” in recognition that not all of us can easily “see” an image on our mental screen.

This might come rather easily to a VISUAL type, but the AUDITORY or KINESTHETIC might not have that inner sense as well developed.  A way that you can flex all of your sensory muscles is to make lists of different images in every category and practice daily until it becomes effortless to imagine.
For instance:  A baby holding a bottle, or a kite flying in the breeze may be visual images; the sound of a telephone ringing or chimes blowing in the wind are examples of auditory images; while the feel of holding someone’s hand or the sensation of warm flannel sheets against your body are kinesthetic images.  Also experiment with taste and smell; The more you can develop your inner vision, the more magnetic attraction your thoughts create.

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Mind Over Muscle – Part I

Super-Charge Your Fitness and Diet Goals Through the Power of your Imagination.   Recipe for Mind Every person receives and processes information from the external world through the doorways of the five senses.  Three of these senses, namely:  sight, hearing, and feeling, are greater equipped to act as filters and process incoming data.  These are called […]

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