Our “All-Star” Newsletter Recognized!

      Constant Contact Awards Raw Fusion Living’s Newsletter! We were excited to receive the news today that we were named “All Stars” by Constant Contact in recognition of our monthly newsletter.  Selected from over a half million customers, this is indeed an honor as a lot of time, work and love goes into […]

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Remembering the Greatest Generation

Recipe for Spirit in Honor of Veteran’s Day

Today is Veteran’s Day when we honor all of the men and women who have pledged to serve our country.  Did you know that  perhaps only 10% remain of the magnificent population that lived through the world-gone-mad war era of the 1940’s?  About 8 years ago my husband read a statistic that WW2 veterans were passing away at the rate of about 1,000 per day.  This galvanized him to document the story of 45 men and women who played a role in the war via videotaped interviews.

This project also had a personal appeal as he wanted to have living histories from both of our fathers, who had served in the Army Air Corps,  His Dad was a pilot who is now 95; Mine, who is 91 barely escaped Nazi Germany, being a Jew who was born in Hamburg to Eastern European parents.  In his interview he shares how left Germany  on a ship barely 2 weeks after the Kristallnacht pogrom and joined the army of his adopted new country a few years later.  Since my mother’s Holocaust history was much grimmer, the war was not a permissible topic of discussion in my childhood, so this gave me an opportunity to learn more about his life.

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Vegan for a Day – Dr. LJ’s latest Daytime appearance

Have you ever considered cutting back on animal protein?  In this segment of the Daytime show I discuss the “flexitarian” approach of going a day or two a week without any meat or animal products, what is called a “vegan” lifestyle.  I also make some very tasty and easy recipes – you can find thes […]

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Our Modern Food Supply – Can You Trust It?

Old MacDonald had a farm.  And on that farm he had some chicks, cows and soybeans.

Sadly, Old MacDonald no longer owns his farm.  He simply couldn’t compete with the mega corporations     that control modern American farming.  Oh, he tried… but his expenses were becoming astronomical to produce the high-quality organic livestock he raised and he simply couldn’t get the return he needed to eke out a living.

So, Old MacDonald tried soybeans.  Foreseeing the potential dangers inherent to genetically modified organisms, MacDonald chose to grow his crops organically.  But seeds from his neighbor’s genetically-engineered soybean fields blew over the fences and contaminated his crop.  Then the conglomerate holding the patent on those GMO seeds, sued MacDonald for patent violations and bankrupted him.   Finally, MacDonald had no choice but to sell the family farm that his family had owned and operated for more than 100 years.

There are thousands of former farmers across the U.S. with stories like Old MacDonald.  Consequently, farming, and the food we eat, isn’t what it used to be.  Back then, most of our food was supplied by family farmers who took pride in bringing high quality foods to American tables.  Today, our food supply is controlled by a handful of businesses, constantly seeking new ways to cut costs and increase their profits.  Too often, that quest for profit leads to an over-processed, yet less nutritious food supply.

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