Oven-Roasted Artichokes

artichoke roasted with dip      Veggie Delight!

Artichokes have always been my favorite vegetable, since childhood.  They are not something you can really eat raw so they are perfect for a raw fusion cooked compromise.  I’ve never gotten super creative with them, like scooping out the inside and stuffing them.  My way to cook them has always been boiling or steaming and then serving with some garlic butter or ghee.   Over the past few years that I’ve eaten more raw foods I’ve experimented with coconut oil and olive oil but these oven roasted ones are SO yummy and loaded with flavor that you don’t even need a dipping sauce!

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Food Facsimile – How much of what we eat is real?

  food fascimile newAre we just faxing food to our bodies?

Some alarming statistics surfaced last year from a joint study by the University of Minnesota and a research group in China and Singapore; individuals who eat fast food twice a week are 30% more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. Double those fast food runs to four times weekly, and you are 80% more likely to die of cardiovascular disease.

What makes fast food so dangerous?  The main factor is that fast food is highly processed and largely devoid of essential nutrients your body needs to thrive and survive.  Just about everything we consume has macronutrients – carbohydrates, protein and fats.   Macronutrients provide the calories that are converted into energy and fuel our vital organs.  They can be likened to building blocks.

Micro Vs. Macro

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Buckwheat Breakfast

   eggs buckwheat (640x360)Low Glycemic, Gluten-Free Grain

Lately I’m on a detox due to an overgrowth of Candida Albicans, a very insidious yeast that can cause a variety of inflammation-related disorders, from IBS to sinus and allergy symptoms, brain fog etc.  Unfortunately, mainstream medicine has not done much to address this problem; in fact, the excessive use of antibiotics in treating infections is one of the main factors in candida’s “population explosion”.

I successfully got this under control about 20 years ago but the Standard American Diet is very yeast-friendly, allowing proliferation through an excess of gluten, sugar and molds found in common allergens like dairy, soy and peanuts.

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GREEN-IN – 3 Days of Green Smoothies – Are you IN?

Free Guided Event with Dr. LJ Rose Follow at Your Own Pace Whether you are brand new to Green Smoothies or Juicing or would like to be motivated as part of a group, join us this upcoming Monday – Wednesday for our Green-In.  A Green Smoothie is a blended drink, preferably your first food of […]

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LJ’s Raw Fusion Food Diary – January 13th

 salmon salad 2 (640x360)What I Ate Sunday

Cooked Food Compromises

I definitely have days where I eat more cooked food than others and today was one of them.  Recently I went back to boxing as one of my main forms of exercise and noticed that I am craving more dairy and fish.   Eating the “raw fusion way” has definitely put me more in tune with my body and its needs by “listening” to cravings; Some of them come from anxiety, some from yeast overgrowth (candida) and some seem to be valid messages about how I can tweak my diet for better performance and sustained energy and well-being.

Today, like most mornings, I started with a :traditional”  Green Smoothie.  On Friday I had a mishap with the Vitamix;  The bolt must have loosened somehow from my class the night before (very rare for a Vitamix) and we wound up with green goop over all of the counters and cabinets.  Saturday we never got around to making one, so I was definitely craving my “fix”.  The beauty of these green concoctions is that once you get in the habit of drinking them each morning and loving how they make you feel, it becomes second nature to have one to start your day.

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LJ’s Raw Fusion Food Diary – January 5th

raspberry yogurt parfait (640x457) What I Ate Saturday

Featuring Chia Berry Parfait and Sun Butter Carob Cups

Morning water and green smoothie.  One of my favorite standards is “Green Fairy Lemonade” — kale, butter lettuce, pineapple, green apple, hunk of ginger, lemon (remove the peel), ice and water — and since this one is so tangy I add a little raw orange blossom honey and stevia.

I don’t adore stevia, but I’m training myself to use it more, thereby reducing the amount of other sweeteners.  TruVia is very mainstream and from what i understand, is not the best choice, so I’ve been experimenting with different brands from the health food store.

Mid-morning: A parfait of Greek style sheep yogurt and raspberry chia jam.  It is super simple to make fresh jam using chia seeds.  Check out the video below to see how easy.  Sometimes I eat a tablespoon or two for sweet cravings.  Lately I am not using agave to sweeten my jam, as mentioned in this video.  Jerusalem artichoke syrup has virtually no glycemic impact, so I use that as my main sweetener with a little coconut nectar or crystals to brighten it up as the artichoke syrup has a bit of a vegetal finish.

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LJ’s Raw Fusion Food Diary – January 2nd

 What I ate Wednesday   veg prov batter close up

Featuring Vegetable Provencal Batter Bake

Starting a new semi-weekly post  — a diary of a day’s worth of eating, raw fusion style.  Many people tell me that they are intrigued by my concept of combining raw living foods with mainstream favorites, but they would like more guidance and direction.  So I thought giving you a snapshot of some typical meal plans, with tips and recipes it could be helpful.   I’ve seen this done in a few excellent healthy eating blogs that I admire and follow.

The Raw Fusion Lifestyle is not difficult, it’s just different.  Because how we eat is so deeply ingrained in our subconscious, making significant changes does not usually happen overnight.  The fact that you can eat well, not feel deprived and find delicious alternatives for your favorite comfort foods and have them actually be good for you has definitely shifted my family’s eating habits and the great results are showing up in many ways.  Not all of us eat the same or even at the same time, but I will also share variations, which include vegan, vegetarian and animal protein dishes.

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Sensible Sweetener Series – Date Paste

A few notes: Date paste will stay fresh up to 10 days in a covered container in your fridge. Remove pits before blending :- ) Medjool dates are my personal favorites for making date paste.  For snacking, if you can get a hold of Bahri dates, they are magnificent-tasting – truly like eating a caramel […]

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Cheezy Cashews – Super Snack!

Raw cashews  are brain boosters.  They contain thiamine, which enhances memory — similar to the herb gingko biloba. Nutritional yeast is loaded with B vitamins, including B12 which is harder for vegans and vegetarians to source.  It has a very delightful, cheese-like flavor and also works well on air-popped corn and pasta or spiralized zucchini […]

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Pains for Grains — Raw Fusion Solution

  Red Quinoa and Broccoli Rabe

A lot of information is coming to light on how difficult it is for the body to digest grains.  Most contain gluten or mycotoxins — both inflammation-causing villians that are associated with leaky gut syndrome and many auto-immune disorders.

Dr. Loren Cordain, a professor at Colorado State University and an expert on Paleolithic lifestyles, humans are NOT designed to eat grains, and doing so may actually be damaging to your gut.  For more details, I recommend that you read Dr. Mercola’s article and do some further research online.

The Paleo (aka Caveman’s) Diet rejects most grains because of these issues.  I covered this topic briefly in a former blog called A Pinch of Paleo; Bread enthusiasts can get their “fix” with some non-grain recipes included in that article.

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