Student Technical Support Request

We strive to make your Academy education as seamless as possible, but technical troubles can arise. Please complete this form as fully as possible, and our technical team will investigate and respond to your request within 48 hours (often much sooner).

NOTE: If you can see this message, you are NOT logged in, which likely explains issues with accessing courses. Please try logging in and see if that fixes your issue. Click here to login. If you forgot your password, click here. If you succeed at logging in, this message will disappear after you refresh this page.

This form is for technical issues, such as broken files and website access problems. For administrative concerns, reach out to For course guidance and deadline adjustments, reach out directly to your mentor. To make an online tuition payment, click here.

Let Us Know What’s Going On:

    Usually, this issue occurs because you have unread notifications in the app. You can clear them in the app by going to the app home page, then in the "Notifications" section (second section, just under "Activity", click the "See all" link. Next to unread notifications, click the three dots icon, then click "Mark as read". If you need help, submit this form, and we can assist with clearing notifications.

    We will be happy to check and update your earned badge. Sometimes, they do not automatically populate upon course graduation. Also, note that badges were not able to be retroactively generated for alums, but we can manually create it when you submit this form. Finally, not all courses have badges. In the textbox below, please specify all missing badges.
    Websites are constantly changing, and sometimes that results in links breaking! You can use this form to let us know of the broken link, and we will update the link or find a new comparable resource. In the box for the URL, please enter either the URL where you found the broken link or the download button for the file that has a broken link. Also, in the description, please be specific about which link is broken and where the broken link is located. For example, for a file, you might say, "when I click in Question 5 in LE 4, I just get an error page".

    THE APP HAS BEEN TEMPORARILY DISABLED to allow major technical enhancements. Please stay tuned for a re-release in 2023. IT WILL NOT WORK until that time.

    To update the name on your e-certificate or badge, click “Edit profile” on your Dashboard, then visit the badge page again and/or regenerate the certificate by clicking the certificate button on the Dashboard or on a course portal main page.

    After you successfully graduate from a course, the e-certificate appears next to the course name in the Dashboard, as a certificate icon you can click to download the certificate. Additionally, the certificate appears on the portal main page for the course, as a download button near the top of the page. As a security measure, a staff member must manually activate the e-certificate in your account after you graduate. This usually happens within 2 weeks of your official graduation. If your certificate is not available in your account after that time, please complete this form, and we will ensure the certificate is activated in your account. The e-certificate is NOT your official graduation record. The printed diploma mailed to you is the official certificate.

    No problem! We can clear it for you. Let us know which assignment needs cleared in the description below. Please indicate the assignment name and module name/number (for example, "LE3 in Module 2").

    Submission issues can occur due to device incompatibilities or poor internet connection. Additionally, only ONE FILE can be uploaded per module, so please make sure that ALL of your responses and files are included in the PDF or Word doc that you send. When you have issues uploading an assignment, best practice is to email the file directly your mentor AND the student liaison ( You can also submit this form so we can investigate any technical issues with the website.

    Access issues typically occur if you are not logged in. However, they can also occur if the system did not add you to a course, or if there is a technical error with one of our course pages. Submit this form, and we will help you! If you having trouble locating a course, note that all courses that you are enrolled in are available in your Dashboard. In the URL box, please provide the URL of the page that returned an error. (Sometimes, errors will cause you to be redirected to an unexpected page; in this cases, if possible, use the URL of the page that you want to go to, not the page that the site sent you to.)

    This is one of our most common issues: after all, we have over 350 files (and growing by the day), so it's inevitable sometimes a file gets swapped or corrupted! Submit this form to let us know which file is having an issue, and we will get you the file and the fix as soon as possible! In the box for the URL, please enter either the URL where you found the download button or the URL of the download button itself.

    You can login using your email address as your username. To reset your password, please click here. The reset form will send a message to your email address on file; the message will contain a link to reset your password. If your email address has changed and you can no longer access it, please submit this form, indicating your old email and your new email.

    When you download and open your assignment the first time, the security settings in your word processor may require you to allow editing by clicking an “Enable Editing” (or similar) button. In Word, this will appear in a yellow bar near the top of the page. If you still need help, please submit this form.

    The progress bar is NOT the official record of your progress and is provided for informational purposes only. The progress bar can fail to update for various reasons, such as if you submit assignments directly to your mentor instead of through the portal. Your mentor keeps tracks of all assignments and is the official source of record to verify your eligibility to graduate. However, we understand it can be frustrating when the progress bar does not match your actual progress. If you would like us to update your incorrect progress bar, please submit this form, letting us know which lessons/modules should be marked as completed. Once we receive your request, we will verify it with your mentor and then manually update your course progress bar.

    Sometimes, device incompatibilities or poor internet connection prevent quiz/exam submission. For most of our quizzes/exams, we have a "pen-and-paper" option (Word document), which can be used if you experience technical issues. Please contact your mentor to request the document version of the quiz/exam. You can also submit this form so that we can confirm there is not a website technical issue preventing submission.

    You can view your previous attempts and right/wrong answers by going to your Course Dashboard and expanding the course (click the arrow to the left of the course name), then in the resulting “Quizzes” section, click the paper/clipboard icon under “Statistics” next to the quiz/exam name. Click here for an animation on how to view right/wrong answers after you finish the quiz/exam. If you are having trouble with this process, you can submit this form and we will confirm if we received a submission for the quiz/exam from you.

    Issues with playing recordings and videos can occur due to device-specific reasons, poor internet connection, or issues with file. Whatever the case, we will help you get access to this resource! In the box for the URL, please enter the URL where you found the trouble recording. Additionally, letting us know your device and browser will help us pinpoint and address potential device-related incompatibilities.

    Issues with opening files can occur due to device-specific reasons or due to issues with file itself. Whatever the case, we will help you get access to this resource! In the box for the URL, please enter either the URL where you found the download button or the URL of the download button itself. Additionally, letting us know your device and the software you normally use to open this type of file will help us pinpoint and address potential device-related incompatibilities.

    Please be as specific as possible: giving us all of the details upfront to help us locate and replicate an issue means a faster fix and fewer back-and-forth emails. We do appreciate your issue report so we can keep our courses running as flawlessly as possible for our students!

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