A Virtual Wellness Food Group Therapy Program

Join therapist Dr. LJ Rose on a 2-week guided group experience where you learn to:
Alkalinity Challenge Materials

  • Look and Feel Years Younger
  • Supercharge Your Immune System
  • Slash Stress
  • Improve Digestion
  • Think Clearer and Focus Better
  • Lose Weight Naturally
  • Sleep Like a Kid Again
  • Minimize Allergies, Bacteria, Yeast & Mold

Gain access to two full weeks of recipes, menu planners, daily motivational messages, group support, a free recipes book, an all-new hypnotherapy module, and tons of bonus materials from our partners.


  • Meal planners (14 days)
  • Shopping lists (14 days)
  • Recipes lists (14 days)
  • Coaching messages (14 days)
  • BONUS: 150+ recipes e-book
  • BONUS: Hypnotherapy module

In 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Price for discovering that cancer cells can only proliferate in a low-oxygen, high acid environment. Most of our preferred foods that we eat on a daily basis are highly acidic. Learn some tips, tools and techniques to balance your pH and alkalize your body chemistry.

Should I take the challenge?

Do you have any of these symptoms or conditions? If so, your body could be acidic! Most lifestyles create a very acidic environment in the body, leading to chronic inflammation and concurrent disease. You can dramatically improve your overall condition in just two weeks by balancing your body’s pH by eating a gentle, nourishing alkaline-based diet.

🙁 Low Energy
🙁 Chronic Stress
🙁 Digestive Discomfort
🙁 Joint Pain
🙁 Post-nasal Drip or Allergy Symptoms
🙁 Chronic Fatigue or Stress
🙁 Headache and Generalized Body Aches
🙁 Balance your pH

During the Alkalinity Challenge, you get:

🙂 Daily motivational, informational emails
🙂 Convenient shopping list
🙂 Delicious, nutritious recipes for easy-to-prepare meals
🙂 Meal planner for 3 meals per day plus 2 snacks
🙂 Tips, techniques and tools to maximize your experience
🙂 Strategies for dealing with cravings
🙂 Ongoing motivation, inspiration, coaching and support
🙂 Hypnotherapy module to maximize long-term results

With our cutting edge strategies and support!

Join this uplifting two-week journey to improve your lifestyle and eating habits! All of us get into “less-than-perfect” eating habits. This is an opportunity to RECOMMIT, REFOCUS and REJUVENATE in a gentle, supportive environment — all from the comfort of your own home.

SPECIAL OFFER 1! Get a FREE COPY of the Raw Fusion Living: Recipes e-book. Containing over 150+ extraordinary recipes from ultra-simple to sophisticated gourmet, including pure raw cuisine and raw fusion creations combining raw flavors with cooked favorites: all gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and allergy-friendly.

SPECIAL OFFER 2! Dr. LJ added an exclusive SPECIAL HYPNOTHERAPY MODULE for all participants in order to maximize the experience and ensure long-term results.

With Dr. LJ’s delicious, nutritious recipes you will feel REVIVED, not deprived. Best of all, you will have daily support and a forum to share your experience with others.


Praise for the Challenge

“I’m really enjoying the Alkalinity Challenge . . . even lost 5 pounds! Thanks again for a great introduction to Raw Fusion and a different style of eating than I’m accustomed to. I will continue to eat less animal protein now that I have some yummy alternatives to choose from! It was great, LJ! I really loved the truffles, the salad dressing and the Cashew Romanesca. Thank you for facilitating!” ~ Claire P., AZ

“Well, I lost the weight not by dieting but by changing what and how I eat. I actually eat all day whenever I’m hungry; I’m not ‘dieting’ but rather eating the raw fusion way & am addicted to green smoothies and everything fresh.” ~ Cynthia H., FL

“Hello LindaJoy, I have being doing a diet since February and I lost 30 pounds, but that diet was very high on animal protein. These last two weeks I took your change and I still lost 4 more pounds, eating more variety food than I was before (the sweet coconut truffle are great!). I love the alternative of chai pudding, the avocado egg and the fruit with pistachios. I love all the new food that I discovered how to cook with your recipes — my favorite is the Caribbean cauliflower!! I love it!! Thank you!” ~ Candela R.

“Not only have my numbers improved, but my overall health and vitality has greatly improved. Due to this and the fact that the recipes were very good, it will be easy to now make this a part of my regular diet.” ~ Sarah S.

“Hi LindaJoy, I have been feeling really good this week. My sugar levels have been the best this week than they have in a long time. I was worried about the potato dish thought they would make me spike but it didn’t. so excited about that.” ~ Darcy S., GA

“Loved the Caribbean Confetti Cauliflower and the Artichoke Hummus! Thanks for the fabulous 2-week challenge! It was GREAT!!” ~ Lynne H., FL

“I am really enjoying the alkalinity challenge. I am getting ready to fully commit to it when I return from vacation. I love your videos and the daily tips you provide. It has helped me realize that if I learn a few new recipes, I can still enjoy food, but in a healthier way. Thanks for all you do!” ~ Shara H.

“Thanks for your great recipes! The Lucky 7 salad and the lettuce wraps are delicious – and we love the black bean burgers. I’ve had my 16 year old daughter doing the Alkalinity Challenge along with me and she’s been a great partner.” ~ Clara G., FL

“First half of my life, food was only a necessity as a means to fuel my body. Then as I ‘aged’ my taste buds woke up and decided they wanted to enjoy all kinds of flavors and sensations. Started the Alkaline Diet today, to be honest, I was a bit apprehensive about the menu. After all I was raised and live in the Midwest, enough said? End of day one and I not only loved everything but my taste buds were extremely satisfied with all. Huge thank you Dr. LJ for providing not only this diet but all the work you put into it to ensure we had the info we needed and great tasting recipes to keep us looking forward to the next meal. When I first started the AC my ph level was 6.25-6.5. End of the AC I am now at a 6.75 with the added bonus of dropping 5 lbs! Goal met – thank you LJ and Raw Fusion. Not only have my numbers improved but my overall health and vitality has greatly improved. Due to this and the fact that the recipes were very good it will be easy to now make this a part of my regular diet.” ~ Sarah S., WI

“Thank God for Dr. LindaJoy Rose and her Alkalinity Challenge… and a very open mind. Having fun with it, but it is called a CHALLENGE for a reason. It is not hard, just different, and thank you Dr. LJ for all your support.” ~ Wendy C., CA

“My sugar levels have been the best this week than they have in a long time.” ~ Darcy S.

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