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Increased study and awareness of neurodivergence has led to an explosion in recent years of neurodivergent self-identification (aka “self-diagnosis) as well as late-diagnosis (professional confirmation of a divergent neurotype after childhood).

People who are neurodivergent have likely struggled in one way or another their entire lives with:

  • Impulse control
  • Time management
  • Focus
  • Motivation
  • Distraction
  • Organization
  • Social skills
  • Emotional regulation
  • More

Every day, in every part of the world, neurodivergent adults need support. They must work harder than everybody else, largely unrecognized, to navigate a world that was not designed for them.

This extra, extended effort to fit in, succeed, be productive and meet life’s daily demands frequently exceeds their energetic reserves, placing their physical/emotional/mental/spiritual health under enormous stress and straining their relationships with others.

At the same time, support and resources appropriate for neurodivergent adults are extremely difficult to access.

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The CNDLC fills a gap in the community of care and support surrounding neurodivergent people. Educated in the most comprehensive, up-to-date research on what works, what doesn’t, what’s helpful, what’s harmful, and how working with neurodivergent people is completely different than working with their allistic (or “neurotypical”) peers, a CNDLC may choose to work with individual clients, groups, as an educator/speaker, or with licensed care providers.

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Neurodivergence is a broad, nonmedical umbrella term that means someone’s brain or nervous system functions differently from the majority other people’s.

Not wrong; not defectively; differently.

The differences may be inherited or acquired through illness or injury (trauma and viral illnesses may both affect the same functions: language, movement, social interactions/skills, working and long-term memory, ability to focus, and executive functioning.)

What our CNDLC Certification Prepares You to Do:

  • Prepare personalized plans with and for each client based on their individual sensory profiles, traits, strengths, values and priorities
  • Educate clients, support teams and community groups about the ways in which neurological differences affect all five domains of life—and adaptations that can make real differences
  • Coach/guide/mentor neurodivergent adults through late realization/late identification/late diagnosis and functional transitions
  • Identify “commonsense,” “proven,” and/or “tried-and-true” coaching/training/therapeutic interventions that may not work for (or be actively harmful to) neurodivergent people
  • Teach nonviolent communication tools & techniques for use in personal and professional problem-solving
  • Educate employers about ways to meaningfully identify and accommodate the needs of neurodivergent employees
  • Recommend lifestyle changes and enhancements to support whole-person wellness
  • Combine with whole-person health and life coaching for maximum results
  • Integrate your passions, interests, and expertise into your CNDLC practice
  • Connect with other providers to create a support practice network
  • Become an advocate for your ND clients and their needs

The CNDLC program equips candidates to serve as advocates, educators, champions, resources, librarians, researchers, cheerleaders, and trusted confidantes for people who may have had a lifetime of unexplained relational fractures, and to model healthy communication and disagreement resolution techniques while placing client autonomy and self-direction at the center of the work.

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