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Enrollment Full – Estimated Reopening 2021

In the meantime, you might be interested in taking one of our other courses. You can request additional information on our programs — such as Cannabis Coaching, Holistic Health and Life Coaching, Essential Hypnotherapy Skills, and more.

Coaching is the 2nd Fastest Growing Industry per Forbes

Last year Forbes cited Coaching as being the second fastest growing industry in the US. There are innumerable niches within the coaching realm – everything from business to life to prosperity to health to spiritual wellness. It is a lucrative profession that provides lots of personal freedom as well of the satisfaction of making an impact in the world. Having a variety of tools and training keeps a coach in high demand! Natural Wellness Academy debuted the FIRST combination of Holistic Health and Life Coaching Certification in 2013.

If you are intrigued by the idea of coaching others while experiencing your OWN transformational journey, we have created a sampling of Learning Experiences within fascinating modules (see below) please sign up for our FREE MINI-COACHING COURSE starting November 24. This can be accessed by phone, tablet or laptop, completed at your own pace and will give you some actionable tips and steps for improving your own lifestyle.

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Eliminate the barriers standing in the way of your purpose

What is your story? What are you passionate about? It’s unbelievable how many people haven’t taken the time to ask themselves that question and in return, go through life on autopilot, working for money and living for the weekend. Sounds sad right? We believe that your passions are linked to your purpose and that if you follow those you will reach a beautiful destination. Many in the Holistic Wellness world already have a passion. They desire to help others and assist the world in healing but a big barrier to change is often that which lies deep within our subconscious. Health coaches struggle to manifest their passion into a successful business everyday and here is a big reason that we believe this to be true:

They lack understanding of their own subconscious and limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs stand in the way of a lot of things, confidence, ambition, resourcefulness and creativity. What do all those things have in common? They are all crucial elements of success!

“I am not where I want to be physically and therefore nobody will take me seriously”

“It’s impossible to make good money”

“I am not smart enough to do something like that”

“Everyone will watch me fail”

We all have our internal gibberish and most of it is so deeply rooted that we don’t even consciously notice our own mental playlist. Now how does this play into wellness coaching or even personal health? Think about it! If you want to lose weight or ditch that chronic fatigue do you think that you could find resources to help you do this? YES! There are countless diet programs, products, gyms and mentors. So why are majority of individuals failing to achieve their wellness goals?

You got it! That subconscious thing is what stands in the way of not just wellness but of LIFE!

Whether its business, relationships or health, those limiting beliefs produce fears and barriers which stand in our way of success. In order to succeed in business, health coaching, personal health or just life in general, you need some basic understanding as to how this works. When we designed our Health Coach training program, we did so with this in mind. We didn’t just want to cram individuals full of nutrition information. We wanted to train them, mentor them and help them with their personal empowerment so that they could use that within their business but not before using it within themselves first.

Life coaching is as much a part of quality health coaching as nutrition information and usually a more powerful creator of change!

You will have access to our convenient online portal where you can work at your own pace on any device and receive cutting edge information on:

Holistic Health

Mind Dynamics

Gut Health

Coaching Techniques

Spiritual Wellness

Pre-Enrollment Bonus: Students of the Mini-Course will receive a coupon for the full course with a significant discount. Every one of our enrolled students qualifies for dual certified as a Holistic Health and Life Coach as well as get an optional Gut Health Specialist certification added on at a special discount. If you have a personal passion for helping people and changing the trajectory of our food system, global health, body image and mindset don’t let that passion lie dormant. Change your beliefs, step out and change your life in the process.

Enrollment Full – Estimated Reopening 2021

In the meantime, you might be interested in taking one of our other courses. You can request additional information on our programs — such as Cannabis Coaching, Holistic Health and Life Coaching, Essential Hypnotherapy Skills, and more.

Cortney Cameron (Technical Director)

Cortney Cameron, an earth scientist and nature therapy expert, holds a B.A. in earth and ocean sciences from Duke University, an M.S. in earth science from North Carolina Central University (where she was an NSF Graduate Research Fellow), and an M.B.A. from the Quantic School of Business and Technology. The co-author of Nature Therapy Walks, popular with many professional therapists, she developed her practical approach to nature therapy after using nature immersion to heal from an eating disorder and the early deaths of her parents, leading numerous nature walks for others, and using her scientific background to digest and synthesize the research in the field. A lifelong nature lover who grew up in the wilds of the Appalachian Foothills, she is currently a hydrogeologist working in water resources and environmental protection in the state of Florida, has served as Secretary and Treasurer for the Southeastern Geological Society, and is a member of the Religious Naturalist Association. She has published several creative and scientific works, including the Catians comic book and the Geologist in Love poetry collection.

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