The Holistic Health and Life Coaching Certification Program is a 150-hour online course with an optional 2 day hands-on intensive that shows you step-by-step how to make the most of the holistic healthcare revolution. This course, designed by a respected expert and leader in the field, gives you the tools to create a dynamic career in a rapidly growing, high-demand field with a critical shortage of qualified practitioners. With personalized mentoring and training, learn how to help others transform their mind, body and spirit with an approach that treats the whole person.

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Our unique and exciting 150-hour program can be completed in 9-12 months. Click here to download the program syllabus.Holistic Health Coaching Reference ManualPlus, graduates get our comprehensive Holistic Health and Life Coaching Reference Manual covering over 30 common conditions and how to coach through them.

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    • Online learning with full flexibility for your personal schedule
    • Acquire marketable wellness knowledge and skillsets in to help yourself and others make lasting positive changes, including our proprietary psychological tools and tangible techniques for helping clients transform their lives
    • Mentoring and coaching directly with the program founder to help you tap your highest potential and reach your personal best
    • Practical skills, including business development, to help you grow your practice and become your own boss in a lucrative and meaningful career that you love
    • Lowest tuition among peer institutions offering comparable certifications
    • FREE access to the Webinars Library, Alkalinity Challenge, and S-Tox
    • Beautiful, full-color printed diploma mailed after graduation

    A Wealth of Opportunities

    You can open your own practice as a health coaching, providing one-on-one guidance to individuals desiring a healthier lifestyle. You will also be trained to facilitate group sessions and to work directly with medical professionals to help guide their patients into better eating and lifestyle behaviors.

    Possible career options for health coaches include:

    • Coaching clients in healthy lifestyle and eating habits to meet their nutritional and weight management goals.
    • Designing a nutritional strategy for clients that has a greater and long-lasting effect by engaging the subconscious mind.
    • Providing private counseling and strategic services for individuals with weight issues, lack of energy or who have been diagnosed with physical illness, in cooperation with the client’s physician.
    • Demonstrating, marketing, representing, or selling products for vitamin, mineral and supplement distributors who rely on informed and educated consultants.
    • Offering services to corporate wellness centers that desire health-enhancing consulting and classes for their staff and employees. The Affordable Health Care Act signed into law provides incentives for employers who provide these kinds of programs to their employees. This will be one of the fastest growing fields in the next few years.
    • Consulting for diet centers and weight management organizations needing educated professionals to assist in management of clients, facilities and support meetings. The facility may have a current client base that you can consult with to help them obtain their goals
    • Speaking and lecturing at schools, recreation centers, community centers and special groups that seek information regarding nutrition and optimal health.
    • Conducting group and/or individual training and counseling to staff and patient base for medical professionals and centers specializing in integrative medicine.

    The Career Market

    • Natural and organic food and beverages sales totaled over $40 billion.
    • U.S. consumer sales of nutrition products totaled more than $110 billion.
    • The weight loss and diet control industry was approximately $60 billion dollars.
    • 69% of Americans used some form of complementary and/or alternative medicine in the last year. There are 50% more visits per year to CAM practitioners than to traditional medicine practitioners.
    • Approximately 70% of American adults are concerned about their weight and more than half (53%) are actively trying to lose weight.
    • The single highest response in a recent PWC Survey indicated that employers planned to spend money expanding or improving wellness programs inside the United States (67%). 76% of survey participants (up from 69% two years earlier) and 85% of large employers (>5,000 lives) now offer some form of wellness program to eligible individuals.

    Our Holistic Health and Life Coaching Certification is a multi-dimensional course covering multiple aspects of the mind body and psyche. The Natural Wellness Academy offers a fully integrative approach to coaching – one that helps your clients align and integrate on many levels. Healing is a process, not an event. Our philosophy recognizes that healing must take place on all levels – body, mind and spirit.

    This course not only gives you the practical applications and teaches you how to motivate others to improve their health and vitality, control their weight naturally, and reverse the aging process. The Holistic Health and Life Certificate will change your life even as you change lives.

    Module 1: Body

    BodyRead Raw Fusion Living chapters, complete four intensive learning experience assignments, and participate in and respond to at least one relevant webinar. 50 hours.


    • Learn a “food as medicine” approach to natural wellness.
    • Define the major alimentary functions of macro- and micro-nutrients and identify their major food sources.
    • Comprehend the assimilation of glucose in the cells and how sugar impacts the body.
    • Analyze pH factor in foods and how acidity and alkalinity affect digestion and overall health.
    • Identify sources of inflammation in the body, including food allergies and sensitivities.
    • Examine the effects of food choices on physical fitness and health.
    • Explore the pitfalls of nations’ food supply and how to distinguish sound nutritional data from unreliable nutritional information.
    • Construct a foundation for wellness nutrition based on current scientific research.
    • Analyze the role of diet in causing and preventing various diseases, particularly chronic and obesity- diseases.
    • Recognize healthy diet and food choices, and explain why such choices will help prevent health problems.
    • Employ techniques for improving metabolism and healthy mobility.
    • Navigating mainstream supermarkets and health food stores and reading labels.

    Module 2: Mind

    MindRead Raw Fusion Living, A Year of Positive Habits and WIN! chapters, complete two intensive learning experience assignments, and participate in and respond to at least one relevant webinar. 25 hours.


    • Explore the Laws of the Mind and structure of the brain.
    • Design strategies and subconscious dynamics for stress management.
    • Analyze the dynamics of a “neural hijacking” and how to prevent recurrences.
    • Recognize appropriate behavioral change modifications and lifestyle approaches for different ages and populations.
    • Examine the source of cravings and strategies for mindfully dealing with them.
    • Identify how to reinforce positive lifestyle habits and behaviors via suggestion.
    • Define your personal learning channel and learn how to identify and mirror your clients’ modalities.

    Module 3: Spirit

    SpiritRead Seat of the Soul and WIN! chapters, complete three intensive learning experience assignments, and participate in and respond to at least one relevant webinar. 30 hours.


    • Discuss the principles and application of energy balance.
    • Explore a variety of modalities for accessing Intuition and inner guidance.
    • Practice techniques for setting intentions, meditation and visualization.
    • Learn how to develop an Abundance Mentality and Life Makeover Strategy.

    Module 4: Coaching Dynamics

    Read Seat of the Soul and WIN! chapters and complete three intensive learning experience assignments. Participate in and respond to at least one relevant webinar 10 hours.Holistic


    • Learn how to guide your client to his/her goals and how to define the coaching relationship
    • Explore a variety of coaching strategies for improving yourself and helping others
    • Discover the practical aspects of the coaching profession such as contracts, marketing and practice-building

    Module 5: Workshop Webinar

    Food DrinkDevelop practical hands-on skills in food demonstrations, workshop development and presentation, and coaching applications. Includes 3 videos/webinars. 20 hours.


    • Learn the essentials of the Raw Fusion Lifestyle, with preparation and sampling of a wide variety of nutritious delicious smoothies, snacks, salads, main meals and desserts.
    • Explore “Raw Fusion Solution” alternatives for your favorite comfort foods.
    • Blending, processing and dehydrating tips, techniques and tools.
    • Practice strategies to increase nutritional viability in meals.
    • Practice coaching dynamics and the coaching interview.
    • Training on subconscious structure and suggestion-building.
    • Experience a Wellness Workshop, an event that can be targeted to corporations, medical offices and facilities, associations and groups interested in healthy living and preventative care strategies.
    • Practice the various elements of the Wellness Workshop with supervision.

    Module 6: Final Project

    GraduateStudents demonstrate mastery of general holistic health and life coaching concepts as well as specialization in an area of interest. 15 hours.

    Students will be provided with a list of possible directions they can take with their final project, but examples of projects include:

    • Facilitate a Wellness Workshop for a non-profit organization or school, and write a report on the experience.
    • Create a mini cookbook with original recipes and photos for a day’s worth of meals: smoothie, snack, salad, main meal and dessert.
    • Develop a Healthy Living pilot program for your local gym or another organization.
    • Author a book on addressing a need in the natural wellness community, such as compiling information specific to your local community or focusing on an under-covered topic.

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