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Connect with one of our mentors for a free, no-obligation consultation on the Mind Dynamics program to lock in your price and get a free bonus! Ongoing Wellness Module: Take a 15-minute guided relaxation journey with Dr. LJ to tap into your subconscious and make life-affirming habits stick! 2) Hemp Study Guide: Read our fun workbook about cannabis’ non-psychoactive cousin, used since ancient times for paper, textiles, and more! 3) Bio-Individuality Compilation: Not everyone gets the same results from a diet or eating philosophy, as our coaches show. Request free info now to get these gifts! We will never share or sell your email address!

    For anyone interested in helping transform your life and the lives of others, this course is an introduction into the power of the subconscious mind.  Learn how to create positive, life-affirming habits, raise your permission levels for more well-being and success, control stress and how to recognize and neutralize neural hijacking.

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