Intuitive Microdosing: Therapeutic Psychedelics and Plant Medicines

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24 CEU’s

Course Description

In this intensive mini-course, we’ll go beyond the surface level of this popular trend to explore the latent healing power of therapeutically dosing entheogens, psychedelics and other non-psychoactive plant medicines.  Many seek the expertise of a coach or wellness professional to provide a safe, guided, and therapeutic experience.

Candidates will learn how Microdosing — the therapeutic dosing of entheogens, psychedelics and other holistic plant medicines — can reconnect us with our own Body, Mind, and Spirit.  Through a combination of intuitive development exercises and extensive practical information, we’ll step outside the worn path to bring this innovative method to the masses. This course is appropriate for those seeking to understand intuitive dosing at any stage of the life cycle-from pre-conception through transition (death).

Course Objective

Candidates will gain a working knowledge of entheogens and other plant medicines used in holistic care as well as various applications throughout the life cycle. With a dual focus on intuition and practical application, this course will provide a layered, Body-Mind-Spirit approach to using natural medicines in a family care setting.

Description of Course Relevance

Microdosing, a sub-perceptual level of dosing a medicine, is fast becoming the hottest wellness tool in the western world. Since 2000, Johns Hopkins University has published its findings regarding the therapeutic use of psychedelics in over 60 peer reviewed articles in respected medical journals. Upcoming studies will explore the use of psilocybin for conditions such as opioid addiction, Alzheimer’s disease, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome (formerly known as chronic Lyme disease), anorexia nervosa and alcohol use in people with major depression (

Despite the vast power of microdosing to restore balance to the Body, Mind and Spirit, there is a deficit of educated , practical guidance available for coaches and other wellness professionals at this time. While the modern research is primarily on psychedelics, there are many other types of (non-psychoactive) medicines available to us, that can be used for holistic family care. Providing candidates with the ability to guide their clients’ wellness journeys with confidence and effectiveness, beyond psychedelics, is not only timely, its arguably the future of wellness!


  • Understand Intuitive Dosing as a Method of Holistic Care
  • Develop a Holistic Self-Care Routine
  • Comprehend Energy Transfer and How it Applies
  • Expand the Use of Intuition & Learn to Use it as a Tool
  • Learn to Build and Maintain Relationships with the Medicines
  • Gain a Working Knowledge of Applications for Various Stages of the Life Cycle, Addiction and Chronic Illness Recovery
  • Acquire the Ability to Properly Screen Potential Clients
  • Access Ethical Sourcing, Research and Safety Information
  • Develop Various Types of Tools for Clients to use such as Journaling, Meditation, Integration and Nutritional Plans

Module 1: Intuitive Dosing

In this module, we’ll reconnect to our roots by developing our own holistic daily routine, learn how to practice our intuitive abilities and gain a thorough understanding of how Intuitive Dosing can positively affect the lives of our clientele.

Module 2: It’s All Energy

In this module, we’ll learn how the energetic make-up of our bodies, the foods & medicines we take in, and everything around us, impacts our well-being. Special emphasis on energy medicine and its role in Intuitive Dosing.

Module 3: Family Matters

In this Module, we’ll explore the importance of holistic care throughout the life cycle, including pre-conception, pregnancy, breastfeeding, post-partum, childhood, chronic illness recovery, addiction recovery, aging and end of life care. We’ll learn how the medicines are like a family with their own personalities & roles.

Module 4: Sourcing and Safety, Dosing and Research

From Screening to the magical moment where a client “graduates” from needing our assistance, we explore the process involved in providing the best care possible for our clients. The screening process, cultural considerations, ethics, sourcing, safety, dosing and research will be covered.

Module 5: Applications

In this module, you’ll demonstrate your skills and expand your ability to teach others to take their health into their own hands. You’ll develop your Client Tool Box, full of resources, for your final project.

Meet Your Mentor and Course Co-Creator, Lindsey Webb

Lindsey is an entheogenic medicine practitioner who serves as a guide for others on their healing journeys. She believes in the power Earth Medicines hold for the healing of humanity. Through right relationship with the plant spirit world and one on one mentorship, her method of teaching allows the heart of Sacred Journey Facilitation to reach people through time and space, giving them the tools necessary to harness the energy of the psychedelic revolution with integrity and confidence.

As a modern medicine woman, her life is a beautiful mix of raising conscious children in a time of chaos, remaking southern favorites over into clean, veganish meals, playing in the garden or the at the beach, working with medicines from seed to Sacred Journey and loving on her “clients” who are really family now. Her current areas of focus are trauma informed care, microdosing, women’s issues, addiction recovery and chronic illness recovery. She is a kambo (frog medicine) practitioner, space holder for self-journeys, and small ceremony holder.

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