Dual Certification

Read Now: Why all Coaches Need Training in Mind Dynamics

Mind Dynamics Life Coach
Is a Dual Certification Program!

Earn your Mind Dynamics Life Coach certificate along with basic hypnotherapy training, Essential Hypnotherapy Skills. Get both of these mind mastery and life-enhancing programs for the combined tuition of $1995.

All change begins in the mind.

All habits originate in the mind.

Our self-concept – precursor to self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth – develop in the mind.

This is an ideal adjunct for Health & Wellness coaches to give you the incalculable advantage of being able to help your clients make lasting changes by developing the right mindset to create positive, life-affirming habits and behaviors.

For those that are intrigued by the unlimited potential of the mind, this program will not only take you on your own transformational journey — but will give you marketable innovative skills to help your clients tap into their inner treasures.

At Natural Wellness Academy’s we fully embrace the concept of HOLISM and acknowledge that healing is more lasting when it encompasses all levels:  Mind – Body – Spirit.

The field of hypnotherapy for Behavioral Modification is skyrocketing!  Can’t you think offhand of at least a dozen people in your world that have expressed the desire to change or improve their lives?  With this dual certification you will have an added credential to add to your coaching and holistic practitioner’s resume and Menu of Services.

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    Course Objectives

    • Explore the structure of the brain and the areas that affect behavior.
    • Learn about new discoveries in Neurobiology and Neurochemistry
    • Discover the Laws of the Mind and Rules of Suggestion.
    • Design strategies and subconscious dynamics for stress management.
    • Analyze the dynamics of a “neural hijacking” and how to prevent recurrences.
    • Recognize appropriate behavioral change modifications and lifestyle approaches for different ages and populations.
    • Examine the source of cravings and strategies for mindfully dealing with them.
    • Identify how to reinforce positive lifestyle habits and behaviors via suggestion.
    • Define your personal learning channel and learn how to identify and mirror your clients’ modalities.
    • Venture into the paradigm of the Holographic Universe and Energetics Counseling
    • Compare and contrast how physical conditions can impact the mind and mood.
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    Course Includes

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