Groundbreaking new studies in the Mind-Gut Connection make this field of specialization invaluable for holistic wellness practitioners. The Microbiome aka gut bacteria outnumber the human body’s cells 10 to 1. The brain, the gut and the trillions of microorganisms living in the gut communicate with each other. Obesity, low immune response, mood disorders and skin conditions can all be linked to the relationship between the mind and the gut. In this program, you will learn the biology of the intestinal system, how to balance the gut through food and lifestyle, how to boost immunity in prevention of serious diseases, generate a happier mindset, and reduce fatigue, moodiness, anxiety, and depression.

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    The Mind-Gut Guru Coaching Certification consists of 60 hours spread across 6 learning experiences (see curriculum below) of guided self-study, research, webinars, teleconferences, one-on-one mentoring, and a final project. Each learning experience features a multidimensional learning plan, which consists of a reading from 2 main textbooks, online research, videos, and participation in webinars and teleconferences. All of the information (other than the textbooks, which will be mailed to you) can be accessed through our easy-to-navigate online portal.


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    Module 1. Digestion: From Consumption to Elimination

    1. First Steps of Digestion (Salivary Glands to Stomach)Spirit
    2. The Gut (Gastrointestinal System)
      1. Anatomy
        1. Small Intestine
        2. Duodenum
        3. Jejunum
        4. Ileum
        5. Large Intestine (Colon)
      2. Process
        1. Digestion process from consumption and chewing
        2. Enzymes and Stomach acids breaking down
        3. Absorption of nutrients
        4. Elimination of waste
      3. The Microbiome/Microbiota
        1. The Role of Gut Flora
        2. The Immune System
    3. Definitions and Terminology Review

    Module 2. Dysbiosis and Disease

    1. Understanding the Genesis and Impact of InflammationBody
    2. Gut permeability – Leak Gut Syndrome
    3. Digestive Disorders
      1. GERD
      2. Ulcers
      3. Gas/Bloating
    4. Dysbiosis
      1. IBS
      2. Candida
      3. Crohn’s Disease
      4. Constipation & Diarrhea
      5. Bacterial, Parasites & Pathogens (H.pylori)
    5. The Auto-Immune Disorders
      1. Inflammatory Bowel Disease
      2. Crohn’s Disease
      3. Hashimoto’s
    6. Food Sensitivities and Allergies
      1. Celiac Disease
      2. Foods that cause the most sensitivities
    7. Hormonal Imbalance

    Module 3. Detoxification & Lifestyle

    1. ToxicityHolistic
      1. Food
      2. Environment
      3. Heavy metals
      4. Contamination
      5. Pesticides
    2. Processes
      1. Various Protocols
      2. Cleanses
      3. Supplements
      4. Colonics
    3. Models
      1. Ayurveda,
      2. Traditional Chinese Medicine,
      3. Short-Term Cleanses
      4. Long-Term Turnaround Protocols

    Module 4. Mind-Gut Connection

    1. Eating ProtocolsFood Drink
      1. What to Eat
      2. What Not to Eat
    2. The Role of Food
    3. Weight Management
    4. Fermentation
    5. Probiotics and Prebiotics
    6. Exercise
    7. Alternative Approaches
    8. The Aging Microbiota

    Module 5. Intro to Mind Dynamics to Enhance Coaching Results

    1. The Nervous System of the Gut (Enteric Nervous System)Mind
    2. Mind-Body Connection
    3. Communication between the Brain/Gut
    4. Emotions and Disorders related to the Gut
    5. Stress Management
    6. Meditation and Mind/Body Dynamics for Prevention and Healing

    Module 6. Essential Effective Coaching

    1. Case studies
    2. How to Work with Clients
    3. Reference Materials
    4. Self-Test
    5. Final Project

    Final Project: Each student will explore one of the emerging areas of study around the Gut and report on research into the topic, to be shared among current and future students. Alternatively, they can work on marketable projects or materials for their coaching projects. Students will receive guidance regarding an adequate topic for their final project and will be mentored throughout the process.

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