Spending time in nature makes people happier and healthier — and as a Nature Therapy Guide, you can confidently lead the way. “Nature therapy” (also called ecotherapy and forest bathing) is an increasingly popular and scientifically-supported modality for improving well-being — sought by clients and “prescribed” by doctors alike. However, many people, distanced from nature for so long, desire a knowledgeable Guide’s help in reconnecting — and that’s where you come in.

Whether you simply want to deepen your own relationship with nature, or help others connect with the Earth, this course provides you with hit-the-ground-running skillsets for leading successful multi-faceted nature walks and meditations. Inspired by our best-selling book, the program helps you develop practical skills and knowledge in nature therapy, the natural history of your area, spirituality in nature, trail etiquette and leadership, and more.

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With regular instructor interaction, you’ll learn to implement a structured-yet-flexible template for leading successful nature walks and meditations, cultivating bidirectional healing experiences between nature and diverse audiences. The 40-hour all-inclusive online certification is completely at your own pace (typically 1 to 6 months). Successful graduation will result in certification as a Nature Spirit Walks (Nature Therapy) Guide through the prestigious Natural Wellness Academy, including a beautiful certificate.

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What makes Nature Spirit Walks different from similar programs?

  • Nature therapy is an increasingly popular (and scientifically-backed) modality for people seeking to improve overall well-being, and graduates should be well-positioned to meet that need
  • Flexible distance program can be completed on your own schedule
  • Lowest tuition in the industry, with flexible payment options available
  • Hit-the-ground-running curriculum laser-focused on developing key skills needed to be a successful guide (including business basics)
  • Multidimensional curriculum balances naturalism, spirituality, and practical skills
  • Training individualized to your region, local nature, needs, and interests – with regular instructor interaction
  • Certification expands business offerings and toolkit – excellent upgrade option for healthcare professionals
  • Name recognition: program offered in partnership with the prestigious Natural Wellness Academy

“This is amazing. Totally what we need for what is happening now – people are not getting out into nature enough anymore and this shows why and how they should.” ~ Juliane Nowe, LadyNowe.com

“Having a lot of fun reading the materials and working on the assignments. Love a program that puts many of my knowledge and interests together. Love the way it’s put together. Big thumbs up. ” ~ Current Student

“This is definitely where I’m supposed to be!” ~ Current Student

Why do we need Nature Spirit Walks? Due to the demands and realities of modern life, many families lack the time, money, or physical fitness to partake in traditional nature-bonding activities, such as lengthy multi-day camping or hiking trips. Yet, research shows that individuals suffer spiritually and physically when separated from nature. Conversely, time spent in nature—even small amounts—is associated with numerous positive health and life outcomes, in children and adults. That’s why more and more are turning to nature therapy to improve well-being (see this TEDx) — but many people, distanced from nature for so long, desire a Guide’s help to reconnect.

Nature Spirit Walks can be completed in as little as half an hour at minimal cost and physical exertion, while still providing an intensive and uplifting experiential and spiritual interaction with nature. The Guide facilitates the process by providing contextual information about local nature, identifying and interpreting key features (both planned and spontaneous), and leading specific mindfulness activities. As a semi-structured experience with a knowledgeable professional at the helm, Nature Spirit Walks reassure participants they can enjoy nature in safe, meaningful, and cost-effective way.

“Wonderful journeys of self-exploration and connection with the natural world.” ~ Selene Kumin Vega, PhD, LMFT, The Sevenfold Journey

Curriculum (40 hours*)

  1. Module 1: Nature Therapy (2 hours)
  2. Module 2: Natural History (5 hours)
  3. Module 3: Spiritual Nature (5 hours)
  4. Module 4: Practical Aspects (8 hours)
  5. Module 5: Nature Spirit Walk Template (10 hours)
  6. Module 6: Practicum (10 hours)

* 70 hours for optional advanced track

Assignments. Each module includes an assignment typically comprised of several essay response questions and small projects.

“This is like meditation, releasing, cleansing and being one with nature, all in one! Being in nature as a means of improving your health is becoming more popular nowadays and I think this is a fun way for people to get started!” ~ Sherry Matthews, ResilientHealthCoach.com

Materials Included:

  1. 6 Modules (printable)
  2. Nature Spirit Walks Tarot: 22 Sensory Activities to Enjoy in Nature book
  3. 6 Infographics (printable)
    • Nature Therapy Benefits
    • Wildlife Viewing Tips
    • Interpreting Spiritual Nature Experiences (2 pages)
    • Elements of Mindfulness in Nature
    • Trail Etiquette
    • Hosting Safe and Successful Walks (2 pages)
  4. Nature Spirit Walk Template (printable)
  5. Survey/Debriefing Sheet for Participants (printable)
  6. Disclaimer Sample (printable)
  7. Nature Yearbook Template (printable)
  8. Business Card Template (printable; add your info)
  9. Various Module Handouts
  10. Certificate of Completion for Graduates (printable)

“A unique approach to improving your relationship to nature and your life… a safe way to escape the confines of the office and house, even with a busy lifestyle. A boost to anyone who wants to connect on a deeper level with our planet…” ~ Ariann Thomas, Healing Family Patterns

About the Instructors:

Cortney Cameron, Technical DirectorCortney Cameron holds a B.A. in earth and ocean sciences from Duke University, an M.S. in earth science from North Carolina Central University, where she was an NSF Graduate Research Fellow, and an M.B.A. from the Smartly Institute. She is a hydrogeologist working in water resources in the state of Florida. She was previously elected Secretary for the Southeastern Geological Society and is a member of the Religious Naturalist Association. She is the co-author of Nature Spirit Walks Tarot and the Catians comic book, author of the Geologist in Love poetry collection, and has published several creative and scientific presentations and publications.

Dr. LJ RoseLindaJoy Rose, PhD is a therapist, author, professional speaker, international trainer, and Academy founder with over 25 years of experience. The author of eight books, she contributes regularly to The Huffington Post and has frequently starred as a Healthy Living Expert on eHow.com and Tampa NBC affiliate Daytime TV. As a former director for the American Board of Hypnotherapy, she is a pioneer in subconscious dynamics and clinical hypnotherapy. She also spearheaded a healthy lifestyle retraining program with an Astra-Zeneca Foundation grant at one of the nation’s largest clinics. Dr. Rose developed her practical and delicious eating philosophy to overcome a debilitating auto-immune disorder, which she combined with her background in psychology to launch the Academy’s coaching program.

“[Nature Spirit Walks] awakened something in me… with the purpose of my life.” ~ N. B.


Cortney Cameron (Technical Director)

Cortney Cameron is a geoscientist specializing in hydrogeology, environmental flows, and data analysis. She holds a bachelor's degree in from Duke University and a master's degree from North Carolina Central University, where she was an NSF Graduate Research Fellow in Geoscience. She also earned an MBA from the Smartly Institute and an associates (focused on health studies) from Wilkes Community College. An advocate for nature therapy, she is the co-author of the best-selling nature therapy deck (and app) Nature Spirit Walks: 22 Sensory Activities to Enjoy in Nature. She developed and heads the Academy's Nature Spirit Walks Guide Certification Program, inspired by the book, which helps students develop practical skills for cultivating bidirectional healing experiences between nature and diverse audiences. In addition, Cortney is a writer for the Catians comic book, along with various other technical and creative works, including the nature poetry chapbook, Geologist in Love. Cortney brings a passion for science, nature, and spirituality to the Academy. She also brings an extensive background in website development and serves as the main point of contact for website maintenance, upgrades, and technical issues.

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