S-Tox: A Smarter Way to Detox

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S-Tox™ Complete Smart Detox Package
A Simple, Safe, Deprivation-Free Shift in Your Eating Habits

Everything you’ve heard about detox is wrong! Detox doesn’t haven’t to be difficult or dangerous. If you want to effortlessly break away from high-calorie, nutrient-poor, processed foods, kick-start a new you with Dr. LJ’s S-Tox™: A Smarter Way to Detox.

Designed by a respected therapist and leading raw foods expert, this next-generation detox program is a scientifically-supported method to reset your eating habits over your choice of 4, 7, or 21 days.

You’ll enjoy wholesome, simple, delicious homemade meals and snacks that keep you feeling full while you shed the pounds and the mental haze that result from mainstream chemical-laden pseudo-foods.

On S-Tox, you'll enjoy three delicious meals plus snacks every day! From left to right: Tropical Treasures Slushie, Green Fusion Shake, and Thai Coconut Soup.

Science-supported plan for health

Do you constantly feel bloated, slow, forgetful, tired, stressed, hungry, sick, or heavy?

Research shows that processed foods leads to climbing BMIs, expanding waist sizes, harmful cholesterol, and rocketing levels of inflammation markers. In fact, scientists found that just a 10% increase in a household’s processed food consumption led to a 4% increase in BMI!

On the other hand, the S-Tox™ approach of

  • plant-based diet (PBD) and
  • moderate calorie restriction (MCR)

is a simple but ingenious one-two punch that slashes your risk for obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Science has unveiled the secret behind PBD: synergistic antioxidant interactions, or the interactions of the bioactive nutrients, antioxidants, and phytochemicals found in whole foods. MCR alone is so powerful that one study called it “the most effective nutritional intervention for slowing aging and preventing chronic disease.”

S-Tox™ taps both PBD and MCR to create unparalleled recipes for boosting your health. And you won’t believe how delicious they are!

How much could your BMI go down when you ditch processed foods? How many years could you add to your life?

Science-supported plan for change

Everybody experiences periods of unhealthy eating, but when bad habits spiral on for weeks, you need a coordinated plan to return to healthy eating.

Researchers describe five stages of change that lead to better eating. People in the action and maintenance stages eat the least fatty calories and the most fruits and veggies, and S-Tox™ propels you there with

  • tested step-by-step playbooks, including
  • guidelines, shopping lists, menu planners,
  • recipe booklets, psychological strategies,
  • and hundreds of dollars’ worth in bonus materials!

In fact, scientific literature proves that short-term interactive programs like the S-Tox™ usher in healthier eating habits that far outlive the program itself. That means that when you commit to S-Tox™ for just 4, 7, or 21 days, you’re embarking on a long-term transformation into a healthier you.

Still, if you have limited time or money, the relative convenience of processed foods can make healthy eating seem expensive or difficult — when nothing could be further from the truth!

S-Tox™ teaches you that

  • eating better is as easy as 1-2-3 with its proprietary
  • easy-to-make smoothie-salad/soup-shake formula
  • that even lets you snack!

And unlike empty-calorie junk foods that leave you hungry and needing to eat more and more, S-Tox™ dishes are nutrient- and fiber-dense to keep you feeling full and fueled all day.

On S-Tox, you'll enjoy three delicious meals plus snacks every day! From left to right: Rawsome Salad, LJ's Favorite Banana Shake, and Melony Mint Medley.

Community-supported plan for you

Studies reveal that to follow any nutritional program, the secret to success is social support. With S-Tox™, you’ll

  • talk with a health coach specially assigned to your case,
  • study simple psychological strategies engineered by an expert, and
  • access an exclusive members-only support forum monitored by wellness enthusiasts and professionals.

And that’s not all — for a limited time, we’re including hours of motivational audio files recorded by a therapeutic master.

Whenever you have a question, simply email your coach, consult your guidance materials, or tap into the collective wisdom of the S-Tox™ community — and before you know it, you’ll be the one handing out advice to newcomers on the forums! Throughout your S-Tox™ journey and beyond, you will feel 100% welcome and supported.

Karrie, a former student, writes: “Dr. LJ, I am amazed by your recipes. The flavors are amazing! I can’t see a reason for eating any other way. I love exploring and making new dishes that are so palatably pleasing. Thank you for all that you do! You are truly a warrior against disease with all that you teach and share! I have lost weight and some days cannot eat everything on the menu. I feel so full and satisfied throughout the day. Very happy indeed!”

Game-changing, life-changing package for success

S-Tox™ was built from the ground-up to be a game-changer, innovative not only in its science-backed PBD-MCR approach but also in its unprecedented affordability.

After all, comparable programs run $400 or more — but S-Tox™ costs just a quarter of that and bundles almost $600 worth of FREE bonus materials, including NINE e-books. And unlike our competitors, S-Tox™ doesn’t make you buy expensive supplements every time you need to cleanse, because we teach you how to handcraft all of the recipes in your kitchen using the fresh ingredients you choose.

If you’re serious about getting healthy, consider S-Tox™ the best investment you’ll ever make in yourself. But you’ll have to act fast or be stuck waiting your turn — our slots are always limited due to the personalized coaching sessions.

S-Tox Materials

Your S-Tox™ complete smart detox package includes:

  • CORE SUCCESS KIT to get you started – instant access to instructions, shopping lists, meal planners, food journals, support forum, and more online and in print-friendly PDFs
  • FREE CONSULTING session with a health coach – your detox questions answered or your 4-day food journal reviewed by a wellness pro
  • FIVE RECIPE BOOKLETS packed with wholesome, mouth-watering Smoothies, Salads, Soups, Shakes, and Snacks!
  • HOURS OF AUDIO from motivational experts to cement positive changes
  • NINE E-BOOKS and cheat sheets from leading wellness experts – featuring HUNDREDS of favorite recipes
  • FREE OR DISCOUNTED ENROLLMENT in our other popular courses, including Food Group Therapy: Alkalinity Challenge
  • CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION to commemorate your efforts!

Your S-Tox complete detox package includes NINE books and cheat sheets.

Dr. LindaJoy “LJ” Rose, therapist, healthy living expert, and author of eight books, founded the Raw Fusion Living movement and the Natural Wellness Academy in 2009. After extensive research in nutrition and holistic healing, Dr. LJ overcame a debilitating auto-immune disorder through the power of raw foods. As the Director of International Development for the American Board of Hypnotherapy, she implemented training programs in over eight countries. She contributes to Huffington Post and Daytime TV on healthy living.

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