Sacred Journey Facilitator: Self-Discovery through Earth Medicine

Sacred Journey Facilitator Certification Course

Self-Discovery Through Earth Medicine

Course Mentor and Co-Creator teaches about entheogenic medicine:


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Deep in the magnificent jungles of the Amazonian Rainforest, and all over Pachamama, humble, deeply spiritual people have been reverently protecting and practicing right relationship with Earth Medicines. These medicines can help us to dissolve the barriers & distortions keeping us bound to the three-dimensional world illusion of suffering and limitation.

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Humans have benefitted from our plant, fungi and animal friends’ healing properties for as long as we have inhabited the Earth. Since the time of our most ancient Earthly ancestors, ailments of the mind, body and spirit have been eased through the use of these sacred tools.

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    In this Sacred Journey Facilitator Course, you will learn how to apply ancient wisdom and modern techniques to tap into your unique “medicine” and guide others on journeys of renewal and self-discovery.  In fact, your own transformational journey will form the template for how you will work with others.

    Curriculum Outline

    This course is 9-12 months, mainly online learning through multimedia and multidimensional tools that appeal to all of the Learning Channels and senses.  You work at your own pace and receive one-on-one mentoring from medicine woman, Lindsey Webb (more information about her below). Here is a brief outline of the 9 Modules of the Sacred Journey Facilitator course. Below, find more information on topics covered and resources provided.

    1. Module One. Introduction to Sacred Journeying & Non-Ordinary States
    2. Module Two. Earth Medicines Throughout Time
    3. Module Three. Cultural & Ethical Considerations
    4. Module Four. Foundational Practices for Journeying
    5. Module Five. Meet the Medicines: Science, Spirit & Sourcing
    6. Module Six. Preparing for The Journey: Set, Setting & Intention
    7. Module Seven. Sacred Journeying: The Magic of the Moment
    8. Module Eight. Afterglow: Why Integration is the Most Important Part
    9. Module Nine. Finding Your Medicine: Tools for the Path Forward

    Topics Covered

    In this course, we will explore:

    • The meaning of terms such as Earth Medicines, Psychedelics, Entheogens, along with the impact terminology has on the healing process.
    • The Origin Stories and history of how various Earth Medicines have been used throughout time.
    • Cultural understandings from seed to Sacred Journey. The ethics and inherited responsibility you will have as a sacred medicine carrier.
    • Developing Right Relationship with Sacred Medicines: Science, Spirit, Sourcing & Recommended Applications for Journey Work
      • Psilocybin
      • Banisteriopsis caapi (ayahuasca vine)*
      • Bobinsana
      • Passionflower
      • Cannabis and other herbal smoking blends
      • Sananga
      • Rapeh (plant snuff)
      • Various cacti such as San Pedro
      • Kambo (frog medicine)
      • Cacao (sacred drinking chocolate)
      • many more medicines from as far as the jungle and as close as your back porch.
    • Pre-integration, the importance of set & setting and the critical nature of post journey integration support.
    • Trauma Informed Care
      • Reframing Past “Bad Trips” to allow for second chances
      • Tools for ethical and kind guidance when working with trauma survivors.
    • Safety measures, case studies, anecdotal & clinical research, legalities of facilitation, decriminalization efforts & barriers to access.
    • Types of Journeys: From Microdosing (Sub-perceptive) to Ceremony
    • The transition to facilitating others’ journeys-how to include your new ascension tools in your coaching practice.

    In addition to the core coursework, students will have the opportunity to receive one-on-one mentoring from a medicine woman who went from being bedbound with a severe back injury & PTSD after a lifetime of trauma to thriving as a Sacred Journey facilitator within a matter of years-thanks to these powerful healing allies.

    Through full energetic participation in this course, you will gain access to the shared knowledge of her worldwide mentors, well-kept and hard won community knowledge, vetted, ethical sources for medicines and the opportunity to attend immersive learning experiences that will solidify your intention as a Sacred Journey Facilitator and add immense value to this beautiful offering you have for the world.

    Course Textbook and Resources

    • The Psychedelics Integration Handbook by Ryan Westrum, Ph.D. and Jay Dufrechous Ph.D.
    • Plus study guides, interactive material, infographics, documentation, book excerpts, webinars, teleconferences, recording and many more resources!

    All textbooks, infographics, study guides, webinars and recorded sessions, forms and documentation (to build your practice) will be provided to you as part of your course tuition. There may be some outside viewing research (documentaries and movies), so having access to a streaming service is recommended, as well as other books we may suggest to build your reference library.

    Bonus Certifications and Resources Galore

    As a Sacred Journey Student, on top of your treasure trove of course-specific materials, you will also have access to:

    • Essential Effective Coaching – This certification teaches you essential techniques to be an effective coach and entrepeneur, from crafting a niche business plan to helping clients achieve desired life goals
    • The Webinars Library, which includes most of the other webinar and teleconferences offered by the Natural Wellness Academy in the library or to attend in real-time
    • Membership in a students-only forum and monthly Masterminds webinars that feature business-focused tips and techniques, networking and brainstorming designed to help build your coaching/consulting business
    • Discounted rates for our NWA Retreats

    Who Should Take This Course?

    This course is best suited for:

    • Anyone who recognizes the inherent healing value of Earth Medicines and has a desire to develop a reciprocal relationship with these sacred substances through their own self-discovery.
    • Anyone desiring to access their own healing gifts in this manner, who feels a call and is willing to commit to the journey work needed to do so.
    • Wellness coaches seeking to expand their healing service offerings in a way that serves humanity’s ascension.

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