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Holistic Health and Life Coach, Essential Hypnotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapist

An Academy graduate, Jamie Hernandez holds a bachelor’s degree from Penn State University in Human Development and Family Studies and two master’s degrees from New York University in Psychology and Counseling. She is the author of Eat the Berries: Weight Loss for Busy Moms – a #1 ranking Kindle best-seller in the Vitamins, Motherhood, and Health, Fitness & Dieting categories – and The Divorced Mom Makeover. In her career, Jamie has worked with children with developmental delays, provided college counseling for high school students, and provided drug and alcohol counseling for people in recovery.

A wife and mother of four and one rescue dog, Jamie’s passion for health and wellness started in 2008 with the birth of her first child. To keep her daughter healthy, she started researching nutrition and discovered the field of holistic health coaching. Feeling strongly that this was part of her calling, Jamie jumped on the opportunity to merge her passion for helping others and wellness into a career. Her specialty is in helping parents and families prepare delicious and healthy meals for themselves and their children.

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