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Soul Senses: Taking Your Intuition to a Higher Octave

June 29, 2021 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

With guest expert/author, Candace Talmadge, author of “The Afterlife Healing Circle”

Soul Senses:  Taking your intuition to a higher octave

Tuesday, June 29th @ 3 pm EDT  12 pm PDT

Intuition is More than Just a Sixth Sense

  1. Defining intuition

The many names for intuition.

The four channels of spiritual communication:

Soul vision (clairvoyance)

Soul understanding (clairaudience)

Soul feeling (clairsentience)

Soul awareness (also called clairsentience but its own channel)

You have all four but two of them are stronger and two are weaker.

Each soul sense has certain characteristics and those affect how you think, perceive, and your personality.

EXERCISE: Relaxation breathing.

  1. How Intuition Works

The chakras and intuition. Human and non-human energy vortices.

The flow of energy through the chakras.

The actual location of the mind-body connection.

Specific chakras linked to each channel of intuition.

III. What Intuition Does

Physical energy (capacity for work) ability vs. nonphysical energy (capacity for love). E = MC2

What the soul senses do: read non-physical energy like the physical senses read physical energy.

Inner source of new information. Trust your soul senses and you will trust yourself. Trust is the big issue.

  1. The Soul That You Are

You are a soul that has a body, not the other way around.

The whole self: Body, mind (mental body), soul (spiritual body), and heart (emotional body).

EXERCISE: Experiencing your soul nature.

EXERCISE: Using (nonphysical) energy to cleanse the immediate environment and set the tone for a future event.

  1. Questions and Answers



June 29, 2021
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm