Welcome to the Academy’s Events Calendar! Here we list dates and times for our upcoming virtual meetings, which occur at least once monthly.

Spiritual Counseling Overview with Margaret Wilcox

NWA Zoom Room

Thursday, March 25th @ 9 pm EDT Learn about how to run a Life Coaching practice focused on a Spiritual Wellness approach with a guest speaker who has been a successful Spiritual Counselor for over 20 years.  Margaret Wilcox www.wheelsoflight.org    

Demo and Q & A for the Releaf App with Tyler Dautrich 3/30 @ 8:30 pm EDT

NWA Zoom Room

For all types of Wellness Coaches, Releaf App has a non-cannabis specific web-based tool that allows you to automate the follow up and check-in process with your clients, regardless of their form of treatment. You can schedule specific questions or reminders to be sent to your clients via text messages to monitor if they are […]

Empaths + Highly Sensitive People – Understanding how to Thrive with a Sensitive Nature

NWA Zoom Room

April 1st - Thursday evening 8:30 pm EDT Guest speaker Art therapist, Sarah Lustig (she is also a candidate for the Sacred Journey Facilitator.  This is a monthly MASTERMIND program.  Since many of our candidate/graduate base are Empaths, learn how to protect yourself energetically, setting proper boundaries, how to be empathetic, sensitive and compassionate without […]

Lifestyle Diseases in the Modern World with Jamie Hernandez

NWA Zoom Room

April 6th Tuesday @ 8:00 pm EDT - Jamie Hernandez is our Lead Mentor for the Holistic Health and Life Coaching program.  She is a successful coach with over 8 years of practice and specializes in working with busy mothers.  She has noticed a pattern with many diseases in modern times arising from faulty lifestyle […]

Integrating Crystals into your Practice with Laurie Soldinger

NWA Zoom Room

Learn all about crystals and how to use for enhancing meditation, healing and tapping into higher knowledge with Laurie Soldinger, a certified Crystal Healer.  Laurie is also a candidate in the CBD/Cannabis Coaching certification.

Overcome the Overwhelm of Technology with Lizy Maratea

NWA Zoom Room

As  coaches building and running our own practice,  we need to wear a lot of hats, including getting ourselves set up with all of the social media and web programs that help us build our business and get our brand noticed in the online world.  While this can be overwhelming, especially for creative types, NWA […]

Angel Communication and Numerology with Maryrose Gutierrez

NWA Zoom Room

Have you ever had a gut feeling knowing something would happen, and then it does, or felt someone touch you, or call your name but when you turn around nobody is there, or maybe you have vivid dreams or see repeating numbers?  If so, it could be that angels and or spirit is trying to […]

Tutorial on Terpenes with Lizy Maratea

NWA Zoom Room

Tutorial on Terpenes with Lizy Maratea, Mentor of CBD/Cannabis Coaching Certification Therapeutic synergy occurs when the combined effects of two or more factors is greater than the sum of its parts. Lettuce alone is lettuce. Add a tomato and you have yourself a salad. Shredded carrots and some croutons make it spring but a little […]

Everything You Wanted to Know About Health, Wellness & Cannabis Coaching

Learn from NWA Leading Expert Kristina Risola's nearly 2 decades of experience working in Health & Wellness as she walks you through some of her biggest takeaways and lessons gained from time on the ground.  From knowing your financial worth, to managing compassion fatigue, to how she pivots her business when life happens, to how […]

Soul Senses: Taking Your Intuition to a Higher Octave

With guest expert/author, Candace Talmadge, author of "The Afterlife Healing Circle" Soul Senses:  Taking your intuition to a higher octave Tuesday, June 29th @ 3 pm EDT  12 pm PDT Intuition is More than Just a Sixth Sense Defining intuition The many names for intuition. The four channels of spiritual communication: Soul vision (clairvoyance) Soul […]

Astrology Masterclass – Learn how to read a Natal Chart

    Join us for a Masterclass in how to read a Natal Chart.  Our birth chart represents an energetic blueprint of many talents and potentialities that we may not be using.  This is also one of the divinatory tools we teach in the Spiritual Wellness life coaching program for tapping into your innate intuitive […]

Virtual Sacred Circle

NWA Zoom Room

Join us around the firepit Tuesday, September 21, 2021, at 9 p.m. EDT (6 p.m. PDT) as the Natural Wellness Academy celebrates the first day of Fall with conversation, camaraderie, community and cannabis (fully optional where legal).This Tuesday, the Natural Wellness Academy Virtual Sacred Circle will focus on terpenes, those aromatic, powerful, healing compounds found […]