Why the Volcano is the Best Delivery Method for Vaporizing Cannabis

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Carlos J. Morales
Certified CBD/Cannabis Coach

NOTE:  This webinar is limited to those who are enrolled or graduated from the NWA CBD/Cannabis Coaching certification

March 31st,  8:30 pm  Thursday

The Volcano is an excellent vaporizer; Portable, easy to fill and conserves your favorite strain, the Volcano is more effective than most others on the market.   The vaporization method is probably the fastest acting delivery method for cannabis medication. You will see demonstrations along with detailed analysis of the settings and how to maximize the use for a variety of conditions.  Carlos has perfected his knowledge of this equipment and will share it with us.  This webinar is only available to Cannabis candidates and grads.

Carlos Morales is a recent graduate of the CBD/Cannabis Coaching certification.  He has a B.S. in International Business and Marketing and is an accomplished professional photographer with over 20 years experience.  Carlos is highly spiritually attuned,  a true lover of nature and holistic methods of healing.  His Volcano expertise came from his own use and sharing research and case studies accumulated over decades of experience.