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Interview with¬† Ryan Pineda, a recent graduate of the Natural Wellness Academy –¬† tells how he has built a thriving Holistic Health and Life Coaching practice in just months after completing the program.

Read what students of Dr. LJ’s Natural Wellness Academy have to say about the various aspects of this unique and transformative program.¬† Also, visit our Natural Wellness Academy YouTube Channel

I am still new to the course, but Dr. L.J. has already influenced MY whole life with her “whole life approach” in her program and book.¬† I find the format very inspiring and am extremely motivated to keep learning. Joan W.¬† Ontario, Canada

¬†Learning how to do food demos and trying out recipes is part of the Body Module.¬† This gives students more confidence in doing public demos — a great way to market yourself and to add the element of training your clients right in the kitchen.¬† Coaching candidates comment below:

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Demo-ing how to prepare the food is a great way to get people interested in Raw Fusion Living & coaching services. ¬†It’s interactive, shows that it’s not difficult or intimidating & it appeals to multiple senses… not the least of all being taste. ¬†And as a potential coach, what’s more nurturing & comforting than feeding people? JamesAnn B., SD

 I think it is vital to have Raw Fusion Recipes to work with as part of the Learning Experiences, because if you do not know how to prepare certain things yourself you cannot teach other people.   I do feel more confident about explaining and helping people Allie R., FL

It was absolutely motivating to have recipes to try out as part of the coursework.  I was very timid about trying some new things such as making almond milk, using dates for sweetener, making smoothies in a variety of ways, soaking and sprouting, and incorporating more greens and raw food in my dishes.  I have also become very efficient at using my kitchen appliances such as Vitamix, food processor, mandolin, spiralizer and Excalibur dehydrator.    Marilyn B.  WI

The Body Module definitely prompted me to try particular foods that I would have taken longer to get around to trying if ever. What provided additional incentive was learning a bit about the food and its benefits. Kristie O.  CT

 Online Learning Portal Рmakes accessing your assignments, resources, videos, audio playbacks, books and Learning Experiences easy.  Coursework is done on your own schedule.portal 1

The portal keeps me organized.  Makes doing the assignments much easier.  РRyan P. CA

 The Portal has been great Рeverything is right there for us. Silva M. Melbourne, Australia

The portal makes working on & turning in assignments a simple pleasure!   This has saved me tons of confusion & allowed me to channel more energy to learning.  The links needed to complete work are provided in the precise place so there is no way to lose them or have to go back to email searching for the information. The portal is a time saver & uncomplicator! ( LOL that should be real word!)  Ivy A. FL

Being able to upload my assignments to the portal keeps me organized and the feedback on each one has encouraged me to go deeper into each module and know that I will get the most important insight from each one. Sue B. New Zealand

Raw Fusion is the blending of the incredible health benefits of raw foods with the comfort and convenience of mainstream meals.¬† Like these Raw Fusion S’Mores!

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 People  seem to respond really well to good tasting food.  I also think seeing how easy some of this stuff is to make is very helpful and persuasive.    Meghan G. VA I am much more confident in my ability to prepare the food and my ability to walk clients through prep step by step.  I also have found that I really enjoy the hands on approach. Meg G., VA

Recipes as a part of the course work is a fun way to incorporate new ideas into meals. ¬†It’s a great way to experiment & think outside the box. ¬†It can also snowball in to food combinations & techniques that can be really good, or a learning experience as to what not to do again.¬† JamesAnn B. SD

Having access to a full array of videos for food demo, coaching dynamics, how-to-facilitate a Healthy Living Workshop, etc. helps build student confidence.  We also have monthly teleconferences and/or webinars.

I do think the video’s are helpful. They are not too long and give enough information. It also makes it easier to share this lifestyle. Lisa C. FL

The topics in the Webinars, have been very informative and the recommended research has broadened the topic even more. I am excited about the course and feel fully competent to handle the course requirements.  Thank you LindaJoy Rose. Sue B. New Zealand

Listening to the Workshop coaching video now. YAY!!! CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF THIS!!!!!!!!!! Kristie O. CT


Bio-Individuality teaches us that not everyone gets the same results from a diet or eating philosophy.  Instead of studying 100 different diets, our students focus on 2 in a fun and engaging research project, which is shared with the other students in a bio compilation study.  Here is what the candidates think of this innovation:

I found the bio compilation very interesting.  The studies are available to research and try..It would be a very long course if we had to try all of them as in depth as we had to report on! Lygia L. CA

Having just two to¬†explore allowed me to go deeper into the study, which included trying several of the recipes¬†that I continue to use regularly. That was more valuable to me than covering a broader scope myself.¬†¬† Through this assignment, I ended up trying several of Dr. Fuhrman’s recipes and continue to use them regularly. Because of this, I have been able to recommend some¬† of these¬†to folks who were having the kind of health issues that would benefit from these. Ruth S. FL

I really liked just researching two eating philosophies because I feel that I was able to really focus and learn a lot about the ones I was reporting on.  We now have a nice compilation of all philosophies, because everyone was able to just focus on two, so did a good job of researching and giving detailed facts on their diet/eating plan.  If I need to know about a particular eating philosophy I can now go to this nice resource.  Learning about all of the diet/eating plans out there would have been too overwhelming, and I do not feel necessary, as long as I have this nice reference guide to turn to. Marilyn B. WI

Students relaxing around the table at a hands-on workshop, enjoying the camaraderie and Raw Fusion food created by Dr. L J.  (workshops are optional and there are videos of the crucial points on the portal.


I was enthralled by Dr.LJ’s workshop retreat! Dr. LJ is incredible! She helps you learn the steps to transform your life! The recipes for mind, body, and spirit are extremely delicious! They really do make you feel vitalized! S. G. Ecuador

I was impressed with the workshop! Not only was it extremely fun, it was informative in a way that allowed for discussion. Dr. L J allowed time for all of our questions and was willing to amend the schedule to fit our needs. It was a course molded very well around our wants and needs, with copious amounts of delicious food that left us craving more Raw! I left this retreat with new lifelong friends and a support group who will surely help me on my path of Natural Wellness Coaching. Cassidy C, FL

mind image 2The Mind Module is a very special aspect of this course.¬† Without tools to help your clients lock in positive, life affirming behaviors, it’s difficult to get new eating and lifestyle patterns to stick.

I loved it! Honestly, it’s like the light bulb went off. Now I can see why I’ve struggled with making certain changes in my life. This is transformational LJ! that alone was worth the money I spent to do your program All the extra stuff is a great perk though!  Meghan G. VA

The material within the Mind Module is so encouraging and informative!   The progression of the topics, plus the research encouraged around each topic helped me create a good foundation of learning and the practice helped solidify the information.   Sue B. New Zealand

lj-careersOne-on-One Coaching and Mentoring with Dr. L J Rose, founder of the Natural Wellness Academy is part of the course curriculum.  Whether by phone, email or Skype, students get personalized guidance, with focus on strengths and future goals within this profession.

LJ is the most professional and insightful mentor we have met through our life long studies and we respect her dearly!” Vince & Sarka L. UK

I am influenced & inspired by almost every conversation I have with Dr. LJ… coaching, casual or otherwise.¬† JamesAnn B. SD

Dr LJ. she is helpful and informative and always willing to help.I am looking forward to more coaching. Lygia L. CA

Dr. LJ is such an inspiration, very understanding and helpful.  She encouraged me when I was feeling challenged about a chronic disease and some self-esteem issues.  She is very knowledgeable and a great mentor.  Whether it is through e-mail or a coaching session, I always come away from our interactions feeling good about this course and all of the training that I am receiving. Marilyn B. WI

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