The Natural Wellness Academy

Founded by Dr. LJ Rose, a pioneering natural wellness expert and hypnotherapist, the Natural Wellness Academy began as The Raw Food Fairy and Raw Fusion Living companies in 2010, which offered raw foods products and educational services in hopes of creating a healthier America, when we realized we could impact exponentially more lives if we empowered coaching professionals to utilize our approach worldwide. The Academy officially began offering its keynote professional program, the Holistic Health and Life Coaching (originally Natural Wellness Coaching) Certification, in 2013. Following that initial cohort, we have enrolled and graduated numerous students representing almost 20 nations, grown our course offerings, expanded our faculty, and gained named recognition with various leading holistic health communities. We maintain a close relationship with our graduates, who have went on to open thriving coaching practices, start their own specialty certification programs at the Academy, publish acclaimed books and receive accolades, expand their original businesses to include a new revenue stream, and above all, change lives. You can read our full story here.
Some of our longer and more intensive programs, such as our Holistic Health and Life Coaching Certification, feature competitive admissions processes to ensure that students are prepared and able to complete a rigorous natural wellness education program (check the appropriate section of this page to see the requirements for a specific program). Our consumer and continuing education courses feature open admissions and are available to anybody with payment of tuition.
Our instructors undergo a strict vetting process that includes a thorough and holistic review of their educational, professional, and personal backgrounds to ensure that they can offer top-notch technical and practical expertise to our students. Generally speaking, we look for a combination of a master’s degree in a related field (e.g. nutrition, counseling, health science, biology), two years of related experience (e.g. healthcare, lifestyle coaching, fitness, alternative medicine, education), demonstrated expertise (e.g. publications, presentations, awards, peer recognition, certifications) in at least one area of natural wellness, and excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Our instructors are more than happy to personally discuss our programs with prospective students, so contact us if you have any questions. You can meet our instructors here.
We are always open to collaborating with leading natural wellness professionals to develop partnerships and curricula that provide the best possible value to our students. Generally speaking, we look for a combination of a master’s degree in a related field (e.g. nutrition, counseling, health science, biology), two years of related experience (e.g. healthcare, lifestyle coaching, fitness, alternative medicine, education), demonstrated expertise (e.g. publications, presentations, awards, peer recognition, certifications) in at least one area of natural wellness, and excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Individuals lacking the appropriate background but committed to the field should consider completing our Holistic Health and Life Coaching Certification as a first step to becoming an Academy instructor. Feel free to contact us if you feel would like to discuss the possibilities. You can also check our careers page to view current and ongoing opportunities.
The Natural Wellness Academy is accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and the International Hypnosis Federation. We are not currently accredited by an agency recognized by the Department of Education and therefore are not eligible to administer federal financial aid in the United States. However, accreditation is not necessary to practice as a coach, and the goal of our certification programs is to tie the benefits of our education directly to the job market. Many of our graduates have used the practical skills and experience they gained from our certification to launch successful careers and practices as Holistic Health and Life Coaches.
In 2019, the Academy began publishing an opt-in list of graduates. Since not all graduates opt to be the list, it is not comprehensive. You can access the directory here.

Holistic Health and Life Coaching Certification

The Academy accepts applications on a rolling basis. Students must be able to read and write fluent English. We consider each applicant on a case-by-case basis, utilizing a holistic admissions approach. Our review process is designed to gauge whether the student can perform the high level demanded by Academy standards, to understand the unique strengths that the student could bring to bear as a life coach, and to determine if the program aligns with the student’s background and goals.
Once you complete your certification, you can advertise yourself as a Wellness Coach and charge appropriate fees for guiding your clients to their goals. You can offer your services to corporations, health clubs, integrative medicine wellness centers, hospitals, and weight loss clinics. In the coaching module, you will also learn practical aspects of the profession, such as contracts, fees and scheduling. Excellent graduates could be invited to help expand our Heart Healthy Living program nationwide.
The course consists of reading four books, responding to digitally-delivered self-study assignments, participating in webinars and coaching sessions with Dr. LJ, and completing a final project that should reflect the direction you plan to take with your certification. So, most of the program is done in your own time, in your own home (or wherever you choose!).
With limited exceptions, students have twelve months from registration to complete the program, with a recommended minimum of six months. We expect most students to take 9-12 months.
Part of the process of becoming a health coach is performing at a high level while meeting deadlines. The Academy has an ethical responsibility to certify only qualified professionals, and students who are not fully committed to their studies will have a difficult time fulfilling that criterion. However, under extenuating circumstances, students may apply for an extension. Extensions are approved at the sole discretion of the Academy and typically require an additional tuition fee. Coaching students who consistently turn in low quality work, do not submit work for an extend period of time without contacting an instructor, or submit work or behave in a manner that violates the rules of conduct discussed in our Terms of Use can be expelled from the program and the Academy.
Many states regulate the usage of certain professional titles, such as Dietitian, Nutritionist, Therapist, or Counselor. As you are not being trained to tell people what they should or not be eating or make medical recommendations, you should not use these titles, anyway. Coaching is more about holding a vision for your client, based on the input they have given you about their specific goals. You help them map out a plan of action and you hold them accountable for completing the steps that you have both agreed upon. Thus, after receiving your certification, you can accurately call yourself a Natural Wellness or Holistic Health Coach. You can further protect yourself by utilizing a disclaimer and by working with the client’s physician. Additionally, avoid blanket statement like “this will heal you” and never offer to diagnose or prescribe. As a coach, you educate and share inspiration and information.
The requirements needed to obtain the Natural Wellness Coaching Certification are competitive with those for other allied health certifications. Consider the training required for emergency medical technicians, who are responsible for handling a variety of life-threatening emergencies. Based on federal guidelines, basic EMT certification takes around 150 hours to complete. Furthermore, many states now offer hybrid courses that combine online learning for didactic learning components with hands-on training for practical components. This is the approach taken by our Natural Wellness Coaching program. As you can see, 150 hours is more than enough to prepare an individual for an intensive career in the health sciences. Finally, our graduates actual must demonstrate mastery—not simply rote memorization—over the subject material by submitting a final project, which requires the student to synthesize natural wellness concepts in an innovative manner.
Although this course will cover hypnosis-like techniques, it would not be proper to represent yourself as a hypnotherapist. However, you will have basic tools for behavioral modification and stress relief and be able to help your clients by teaching them to tap into their subconscious minds.
We are authorized to offer these advanced certifications to Natural Wellness Coaching graduates: Master Hypnotist (50 additional hours), Certified Hypnotherapist (150 additional hours), and Weight Management Consultant (50 additional hours). The former two programs will allow you to practice hypnotherapy.
The Academy is proud to offer a limited number of need- and merit-based scholarships that reduce tuition expenses for qualified individuals. All applicants are automatically considered for scholarships based on the information they provide on their applications and during the onboarding process.
While the Academy prides itself on offering among the lowest tuition among peer institutions for comparable certifications, we understand that tuition can still be a concern for some students. Therefore, we are happy to offer a no-credit check, interest-free, monthly payment option with an initial down payment. Additionally, you will receive a $150 referral fee for any new enrolling students you refer.

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