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Professional Online Certification and One-on-One Mentoring in Diverse, Fascinating Mind-Body-Spirit Careers

Health Cross Holistic Health and Life Coaching

Brain Essential Hypnotherapy Skills

Person Meditating Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor

Nature Spirit Walks Guide Spiritual Wellness Specialist

Leaf Medical Cannabis Coach

Stomach Mind-Gut Guru

Mind Mind Dynamics Life Coach

Sacred Journey Facilitator Sacred Journey Facilitator

Become a Professional Wellness Coach in 9 months!

The renowned psychoanalyst Carl Jung believed there are no real accidents. If you were drawn to our program or find yourself on this page, you are likely a person who is extremely passionate about helping others. You are open to learning new things and exploring fresh ideas. This program is designed to expose you to a whole new world of thought and action, on many different levels.

Do you gain fulfillment from helping others?
Do you seek a career with freedom and 6-figure earnings potential?
Would you like to improve your own health and wellness?

We are the latest generation of wellness coaching in the fields of Cannabis, Holistic Health, and Hypnotherapy, inspiring clients through practical know-how, dynamic strategies for Mind Mastery, powerful demonstration skills, and cutting edge coaching techniques. Our unique combination gives you more Practice-Building Skills, Marketability, and Tools to help your Clients Get Long-Term Results.

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What Sets Us Apart From Any Other Coaching Program

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Many of our programs graduate you with dual –or even triple!–certifications to give you more ways to market yourself, help others, and earn money doing what you love. We offer the only trusted simultaneous certifications on the market.

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Our multimedia online portal powers learning using your computer or tablet through printed lessons, resources, videos, webinars and teleconferences—wherever and whenever you want. Start any time and work at your own pace!

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One-on-one sessions with our founder and professional student mentors keep you on track and maximize your learning (and earning) potential. Our candidates and grads have expressed that this “personal touch” helped them launch their businesses with confidence.

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Monthly interactive teleconferences explore the most cutting edge concepts and research in related fields and let you access leading wellness experts.

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Enrollees and graduates receive a treasure trove of reference materials, such as custom worksheets, textbooks, infographics, and more–topped with our acclaimed Webinars Library.

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Inspiring-yet-challenging learning experiences broaden your knowledge and boost your career. Many of our candidates and grads directly repurpose their projects and answers into their businesses!

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Our trademark specialty, our powerful Mind Module (included with most programs)  differentiates you from other coaches, supporting you and your clients in making positive habits stick.

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Learn dynamic marketing skills like compelling demos and presentations. Our monthly virtual meetings help you acquire the expertise and confidence to start and maintain your own profitable practice.

Exceptional Education + Life-Changing Transformation

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Our Academy will give you actionable skills that you can use immediately. You will be studying a spectacular amount of new information while our unique learning experiences get your actively practicing your new craft as a coach, practically from your first assignment! Each module will take you into a deeper stratum of learningthen through monthly Mastermind groups you will also learn the nuts and bolts of the business of coaching. You will also be taught how to perform compelling client-winning demonstrations (for example, our Health Coaches master simple yet delicious nutritional creations) that will fascinate and impress any group or audience.

Plus, we recognize that students arrive to our program with different goals and experiences. That’s why we offer various vetted and in-demand subspecialties, plus Hybrid Programs that let you mix-and-match our courses to match your interests.

Have you ever heard this phrase? “It’s not so much what you are eating, as what’s eating you.” Overeating, making poor food or lifestyle choices, feeling low energy and operating below your potential are more likely related to emotions, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and poor self-image than food or other external factors. Most coaching programs lack this fundamental core. Our training gives you the strategic advantage of being able to help your clients on many different levels.

Many of our studentsspanning over 15 countries around the globesay their main attraction to our program is our multi-dimensional curriculum encompassing Body, Mind and Spirit. True healing comes when all three areas are interconnected.

What are your interests? Find a mentor now!

Connect with one of our mentors for a free consultation on our programs and get 3 free bonuses! Ongoing Wellness Module: Take a 15-minute guided relaxation journey with Dr. LJ to tap into your subconscious and make life-affirming habits stick! 2) Hemp Study Guide: Read our fun workbook about cannabis’ non-psychoactive cousin, used since ancient times for paper, textiles, and more! 3) Bio-Individuality Compilation: Not everyone gets the same results from a diet or eating philosophy, as our coaches show. Request free info now to get these gifts!

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