Instructor Application

The Natural Wellness Academy provides personal mentorship to nurture students into knowledgeable, marketable life coaches who improve people’s holistic health outcomes. The Natural Wellness Academy began as The Raw Food Fairy and Raw Fusion Living companies in 2010, which offered raw foods products and educational services in hopes of creating a healthier America, when we realized we could impact exponentially more lives if we empowered coaching professionals to utilize our approach worldwide.

Taking a student-centered approach, we pride ourselves on the close and ongoing relationships that our educators develop with our students, on offering among the lowest tuition in the industry, and on equipping our students with practical skills and knowledge that have allowed graduates to thrive in the coaching market. As such, we are always looking for educators who can teach, inspire, and challenge our students as much as they do us.


  • Impart domain specific knowledge to students in accordance with Academy curricula and standards through the lens of your unique perspective and expertise
  • Mentor students by providing informative insights and practical advice on natural wellness and life coaching using Academy educational materials and guidelines and your training and practical experience
  • Provide feedback on submitted student assignments and respond to questions regarding assignments
  • Advise student final projects, including guidance on project selection, development, and completion of appropriate and high-quality projects that meet Academy requirements
  • Develop and refine new and existing consumer and certification courses in natural wellness to expand and improve Academy offerings for students
  • Author quality content to share on the Academy blog and social media pages in order to provide actionable information to the community, to encourage interest in the Academy, and to position the Academy as a leader in the field
  • Assist the Academy with student recruitment efforts, business development, and growing a positive wellness-based community
  • Strive to improve lives by promoting healthful living by serving as an ambassador for the Academy and for natural wellness

Minimum Requirements

  • Master’s degree in a related field (e.g. nutrition, counseling, health science, biology)
  • Two years of related experience (e.g. healthcare, lifestyle coaching, fitness, alternative medicine, education)
  • Demonstrated expertise (e.g. publications, presentations, awards, peer recognition, certifications) in at least one area of natural wellness
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

Continuous posting. Application submission does not constitute an expressed or implied offer, guarantee, or contract of employment.




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