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Autism and ADHD are NOT Bad Behavior – Ways I Was Punished for Being NeuroDivergent

Hi, my name is Lyric, and I am a late discovered, NeuroDivergent adult, meaning I’m Autistic, but I didn’t find out I was Autistic until I was 29, and the ADHD wasn’t diagnosed until I was in my mid-thirties. I went a large portion of my life, falsely, believing I was a NeuroTypical. Because I did not have the autism or ADHD labels for myself growing up, other labels were put on me as a young person: “stubborn rebellious, difficult hyperactive, poor self-control, someone who doesn’t apply themselves”. All of these were put on me because nobody knew that I was NeuroDivergent, and, in a lot of ways, my NeuroDivergence was punished growing up. If you’d like to know the ways in which my NeuroDivergent traits were punished, please do stay tuned. ID: Lyric, a pale skinned nonbinary person with short green, teal, and purple hair with shaved sides and jet black roots is sitting in the passenger’s chair in an RV with, a large window to one side and the driver’s cab behind them. The words “Punished for my NeuroDivergent Traits” floats in front of them in teal and green letters. Patreon members and YouTube channel members had access to this video on September 1 2022. The video’s public release will be November 2, 2022. Help me get the word out!!! If you like what I do, and would like more, please consider subscribing on Patreon. This blog is made possible by support from readers like YOU! (Sharing my content is also, equally helpful!) Subscribe on Patreon (or YouTube) to get access to more unreleased videos NOW. (As of November 1st I have videos scheduled through most of December already). On Patreon subscription is “pay what you can” starting at $1 a month (less if you subscribe annually). I would love to have you. 💜 – Lyric It’s important that we all understand, that as Autistic People, there is not a unified autistic experience. We all have different opinions and very different experience, and I think it’s great to share those things. If you’re a NeuroTypical watching, remember that this is just my experience as a NeuroDivergent Person. Hopefully, this video will inspire other NeuroDivergent People to share their experiences as well, how they relate, and maybe even do not relate in the comments below. I encourage you to listen to, and read, as many Autistic experiences as possible to best understand Autistic People. I would LOVE to see more Autism vlogs by #ActuallyAutistic People. SUBSCRIBE: https://www.patreon.com/NeurodivergentRebel SUPPORT: https://www.paypal.me/NeurodivergentRebel Transcriptions & CC fro all NEW videos available at http://www.neurodivergentrebel.com Spectacular intro by Growing Up Autie – https://www.facebook.com/growingupautie/ On the web: https://www.neurodivergentrebel.com https://www.facebook.com/NeurodivergentRebel https://www.twitter.com/NeuroRebel https://www.instagram.com/NeurodivergentRebel

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