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Canada’s First Legal Vape Pens and Edibles

11 States that Could Legalize Adult-Use Cannabis in 2020

Canadian Licensed Producer Listed on US Exchange

12 Canadian Cannabis Companies Trading on US Stock Markets

Newly Discovered Cannabinoid Reportedly 33 Times More Potent than THC

Carlos Santana Developing Cannabis Line

THC[Infused Beverages Attract Big Business

High Times Opening Cannabis Stores

Ontario Online Cannabis Store Sells Out of Edibles in Hours

How Is Vaping Crackdown Impacting Vapers?

Platinum Attacks Counterfeit Products

Cannabis May Control Stress Levels





American Weed the Gold Standard but Canadian Pot has Advantage

Canadian Cannabis Firms “Teeter on Edge”

Major League Baseball Drops Marijuana from List of Banned Substances

High Times Changes CEO

Forbes: Cannabis Changing Image Through Smart Packaging

Cannabis Businesses Raising Money by Sale-Leaseback Deals

Florida’s Trulieve Dispensaries Sued by Investors

Marijuana IMPACTS Women and Men Differently

Metro Detroit Still Waiting for Recreational Dispensaries

How Do Police Test for Marijuana?



Colorado Has More Public Consumption Options

Illinois Governor Pritzker Pardon 11,000 People with Weed Convictions

Legal Weed In Illinois

How to Grow Marijuana in Michigan and Illinois

“The Scientist” Mechoulam

John Sinclair Foundation Marijuana-Friendly Lounge in Detroit

Hash-Bash Founder, “Ten for 2,” First in Line, MC5 John Sinclair Opens Detroit Marijuana Cafe

Legal Marijuana Sparks Interstate Tension

700 Medical Cannabis Studies Sorted by Disease

Man Jailed in 1969 for 2 Joints Becomes First Person to Legally Purchase Marijuana in Michigan

How Your Body Processes Alcohol

How Does Marijuana Help You Lose Weight?


Lung Injury Outbreak puts Michigan’s Marijuana Rules in the Spotlight

Legal Vape Markets Literally 1,000% Safer than Street

20 2020 Cannabis Predictions

Best Ways to Store Weed

10 Ways to Use Your Male Cannabis Plants

Cook County Expunging Cannabis-Related Offenses

Cannabis Industry Tackles Vape Cart Recycling Challenges

How Tech is Improving Vape Cart Safety

NHL Player at Michigan Legal Marijuana Shop Grand Opening: “It’s About Time”



Sleep Aid Share Dropped 236 Percent after Dispensaries Opened

Top Cannabis Studies to Share with Skeptics

Can I Fly with Medical Marijuana?

What Do Brazil’s New Hemp Laws Mean for Cannabis Industry

SpaceX to Deliver Hemp Seeds to International Space Station

Leafly Gift Guide

Zambia Cabinet Approves Proposal to Legalize Production of Medical Marijuana For Export

Why Do People React Differently to THC?



New CEO Reveal Drives Canopy Growth Stock Up 14%

Study Finds Cannabis Effective Treatment for Migraines

Can You Smoke Weed While Using Antibiotics?



Willie Nelson Still “Enjoying” Marijuana

Idaho’s Alcohol Related Car Crashes Decline after Neighboring Washington Legalizes Marijuana

Study Shows People Use Marijuana Instead of Sleeping Pills

Study Shows CBD Helps Chronic Pain

Lil Wayne Launches Cannabis Brand

Columbus Dispensary Tries to Fill Medical Research Gap

The Marijuana Industry is Ripe for Inventors

He Went From Buffalo Wings to Become the Talk of the Los Angeles Cannabis Industry

4 Tips for Maximizing Distillation


12/7/19–Honoring the Brave Souls of Pearl Harbor

11 States that Could Legalize Cannabis in 2020

High Times Magazine in Danger

Mentoring in Massachusetts

New Colorado law boon for cannabis capital, but concerns remain for minority businesses



 WHO Says CBD Poses No Health Risks

Florida’s Three Legalization Ballot Petitions Are Very Different

 The Unbelievably Long Long LONG Line in the Rain and Cold for Michigan’s First Day of Rec Sales

 What’s In Your Vape?

John Sinclair Buys First Legal Michigan Rec Weed


Toxic Additives in Cannabis Vape Products?

FDA Comes Down Hard on CBD

What is “Live Resin?”

Why is Live Resin called Live Resin?

 Terpenes, Hydrosols, Essential Oils and Extraction Methods

 The Science of Cannabis Extraction Online Symposium—December 5, 2019

Walmart Doing Biz with Cannabis?

 Vitamin E Acetate Unregulated in Many States

Florida Hemp Crop

Michigan suspends legal, tested vape cart sales until more rigorous testing protocol implemented

Leafly Tested 47 CBD Products—half did not contain the label content

Boston City Council Enacts Sweeping Cannabis Licensing Protocols

Cannabis Company Quarterly Earnings (3Q 2019)

California Seeks Solutions to Legal Marijuana Business Woes

No one clear path around California marijuana industry’s major business woes, insiders lament

US House panel passes federal cannabis legalization bill in historic vote

US House panel passes federal cannabis legalization bill in historic vote

Marijuana Companies Teaming with Mainstream Brands

California Raising Marijuana Tax

Medmen Slashes 190 Jobs

Make CBD infused tinctures and pain relievers

Does Cannabis Go Bad?

CONTAMINATED CBD: Why you might want to buy it legally

CONTAMINATED CBD: Why you might want to buy it legally

Tainted Vape Carts Sold in Illegal California Storefronts

Colorado Proposes Ban on Vape Cart Cutting Agents including MCT Oil

Michigan Lawmakers Consider Expunging Marijuana Convictions

American Medical Association Approves New Category III CPT Codes for Coaching

Washington State Enacts Emergency Vape Rules

Marijuana Use Expands Ten-Fold Among Senior Baby Boomers

Marijuana Industry will Surpass NFL in Revenue in 2020

Four-time Stanley Cup winner Darren McCarty joins marijuana company, says pot saved his life

Armed bandits plant deadly bull’s-eye on rural medical marijuana growers

Pot for pets: Here’s how vets and others say it can help

Cannabis Allergies and Symptoms

Could marijuana help treat Tourette syndrome? Researchers at University of Sydney investigate

Are Dispensaries Price Gouging?

Everything You Need to Know About Pre-Filled Oil Vape Cartridges

Cannabis for Dementia

What the Surgeon General Gets Wrong About Marijuana

Mental Health and Cannabis: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Is vaping causing lung condition?

First 4 Months of Michigan Medical Marijuana Sales Far Exceed Expectations

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Sales Exceed 7 Million in February: Here’s Why Sales are Booming

Canada Revenue Agency says medical cannabis expenses qualify for tax deductions

Healing Role of Cannabis Flavinoids

Study Shows THC Has More Therapeutic Value Than CBD

Hawaii grants visitors access to Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana for Pets

New Jersey Medical Marijuana Patient Count Surges 150% since January

Smokable Medical Marijuana in Florida:  How it Happened

Cannabis firms offer stock options, poach job candidates: Q&A with recruiter Karson Humiston

Medical Marijuana user loses workplace case

How to legally travel by Air with Cannabis in Canada

12 Tips for Great Indoor Facility Design and Layout

Alzheimer’s Research UK to fund clinical trial on cannabis-based treatment for dementia

World Health Organization calls for international rescheduling of cannabis

CBD Use Growing to 25 Million U.S. Consumers by 2025–a $16 Billion Market

Marijuana for Menstrual Cramps

Martha Stewart Developing CBD Line

Booker Reintroduces Senate bill to Remove Cannabis from Controlled Substances Act

National Hockey Leagues Signs Deal with Cannabis Company for brain scans and research into substituting cannabis for opioids for pain

Buckeye Relief’s First Harvest

CBD Cocktails #1 Restaurant Trend for 2019

FDA calls CBD in foods illegal

Forbes:  Daily Dose of Cannabis May Protect And Heal The Brain From Effects Of Aging

Alzheimers before and after CBD oil!

For Veterans with PTSD, the heart work is also the hard work, and medical marijuana helps ease the journey, by Julianne Nowe (an NWA mentor)

Chronic Pain Top Reason for Medical Marijuana Use

Barney’s Opens Cannabis Department

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