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The Huffington Post

huffington-post-logoDr. Rose is a contributor to the popular worldwide news service, The Huffington Post, sharing practical and uplifting recipes for mind, body and spirit. Her articles have included “7 Ways to Avoid Over-Indulging This Season” and “3 Daily Practices to Cultivate Mindful Reverence”. [Source]

Tampa Bay Wellness

Dr. Rose authored the featured article in Tampa Bay Wellness magazine, Volume XXVIII, entitled “Our Modern Food Supply: Can You Trust It?” Download the magazine here. [Source]

The Daytime Show TV

Dr. Rose appears regularly on The Daytime Show demonstrating recipes and healthy living techniques.

Dr. Rose is’s Healthy Living Expert – she has appeared in over 60 videos for this informational supersite!

Channel 10 News

This segment on Dr. Rose’s Sweetwater appearance aired 13 Feb 2011.


Article by Dr. LJ Rose on 21 June 2010. Reprinted with permission from VERTICAL Magazine.

VERTICAL Magazine, 21 June 2010: Article published by Dr. LindaJoy Rose. Reprinted here with permission from VERTICAL Magazine.
VERTICAL Magazine, 21 June 2010: Article published by Dr. LindaJoy Rose. Reprinted here with permission from VERTICAL Magazine.

St. Petersburg Times

Article by Amy Scherzers on 26 Feb 2010.

St. Petersburg Times, 26 Feb 2010: 'Including raw food fairies Karen Cuervo and LindaJoy Rose's sunflower seed pate.' 'Serving almost 2000 people our raw food goodies at the MOSI Einstein on Food and Wine was a lot of work! We had a lot of compliments; when I was walking around later on, someone stopped us and told us we had the best food there! They seemed to love the sunflower seed pate on savory crackers and raw fusion s'mores.'

The Examiner

Article by Kimberly Cass on 5 Feb 2011.

Dr. Rose explains how to live a healthier lifestyle, how to fight aging and illness and also long term weight loss through a raw foods diet. Radical lifestyle changes not necessary. Even small steps in the right direction can make a big difference. The more I read her book, the more sense it makes. [Source]

TBO Extra

Article by TBO on 24 Jan 2011.

Dr. Linda Joy Rose will present her popular Raw Fusion class. [Source]

The Cue

Article by Nathalie Lussier on 12 Jan 2011.

I think there’s room for a little healthy cooked food and that everyone can eat more fresh fruits and veggies no matter where they’re coming from: that’s exactly LindaJoy Rose did with her book Raw Fusion. [Source]

Living Tree Community

Article by Jesse Schwartz on 10 Jan 2011.

A wonderful new book of information and delicious recipes. [Source]

Sarasota Chiropractor

Recipe shared by Dr. Sean Stringer on 6 Jan 2011.

If you want to get healthy, you don’t have to give up baking. Today we’re making a flourless chocolate cake the whole family will love. [Source]

RAWsome News

Article by Linda Wooliever on 21 Dec 2010.

Raw Fusion is a lovely, easy-to-follow, beautifully-created starter book. Kudos to Rose for putting together such an informative and helpful book. [Source]

Petit Chef

Article by Vegan Family Style on 17 Sep 2010.

The most common cooked food compromises people choose and why. Having interviewed dozens of raw food gurus, how raw are they really? What is raw fusion? And why are people catching on to it? The four cornerstones of a healthy diet, cooked or raw! [Source]

Creative Loafing

Article by Creative Loafing on 14 Jan 2010.

Jumpstart your New Year’s Resolutions with ultra-healthy, yet delicious recipes from the Raw Food Fairy. Dr. Lindajoy Rose will show you the easy way to add Green Smoothies to your day (you will get hooked!) and satisfying salads, featuring mouth-watering homemade dressings. [Source]

Natural Wellness Academy