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Bio-Individuality Quiz

This quiz covers Bio Studies 1 through 6. It includes multiple choice and mix-and-match questions. For multiple choice, click the correct answer so that its circle is filled in. For mix-and-match, click-and-drag the diet tile to the empty box to the right of its matching description.

The questions are spread out across several pages. Click the buttons at the bottom of the quiz to move back-and-forth between pages. You can also jump between questions using the question table below by clicking on the number in the box. On the last page, click the “Finish Quiz” button to submit your answers.

You can retake the quiz as needed. You can view your attempts and right/wrong answers by going to your Course Dashboard and expanding the Holistic Health and Life Coaching course (click the arrow to the left of the course name), then in the resulting “Quizzes” section, click the clipboard icon under “Statistics” next to the Midterm.

Hints: For questions 1-5, see Bio Study 1. For questions 6-7, see Bio Study 2. For questions 8-12, see Bio Study 3. For questions 13-15, see Bio Study 4. For questions 16-17, see Bio Study 5. For questions 18-23, see Bio Study 6.

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