Fully Raw Plantain Chips

plantain chips (640x360) Raw, Vegan, Gluten-Free

Recipes for Savory and Sweet Plantain Treats

Chips have all but disappeared from my pantry, which is a good thing as I am powerless over their control :- )  Occasionally if I decide to indulge, it is either with the Simply7 seal-salt- flavored lentil chips or plantain chips.

All packaged plaintain chips are fried and usually in questionable (possibly hydrogenated) oils; Most often I will find brands that are fried in canola oil, which is most likely going to be genetically modified.  It’s certainly better than many snack options but I’ve been envisioning this raw version for some time and decided to experiment last week in the Raw Fusion Kitchen.

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Chocolate and Kale – Unusual yet phenomenal pairing!

You’ve heard the saying “having your cake and eating it, too”?  Well, there’s something about being able to eat chocolate and at the same time getting your nutrients that resonates with that popular refrain. Kale is loaded with both macro- and micronutrients and health-enhancing antioxidants.  On the ANDI Scale, a measure of a particular food’s […]

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