Walnut Hempseed Pizza Crust with Cashew Cheeze

   Raw, Vegan Pizza Option Gluten/Grain-Free Goodness We had some visitors last week and I decided to do some experimenting to come up with a new pizza crust recipe.  This one tastes very rich and decadent and is also very filling. I dehydrated it for several hours to make it firmer, but it could also […]

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Guilt-Free Jalapeno Poppers!

jalapeno poppers 1Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-free and Raw Fusion optional!

The idea of these came to me a few weeks ago without having researched any existing recipes online, and from what I understand, raw versions of these ultra-indulgent appetizers have been around.  I am going to improve on my experimentation with this batch and have still not consulted other recipes.  Feel free to share any ideas for future batches.

Raw pals, Rob and Kelly Marra (rawlifecoaching.com) were my gracious hosts on my book tour in North Carolina this spring.  As they are visiting family over the holiday here in Tampa Bay, I’ve invited them over for a pre-Thanksgiving raw fusion dinner this week along with three other couples.  I asked Kelly if there was anything in my recipe book or any of my latest concoctions  (these are posted on our Facebook Fan page) and she expressed a curiosity for these poppers.

So I had to start a fresh batch of the simply amazing Pimento (Nut) Cheeze Spread that was inspired by Russel Jame’s nut cheese ebook.  It was, in fact, Rob and Kelly who turned me on to this book at their pot luck.  I’ve been making this variation of his “Cheddar Cheese”  recipe for months now and it’s a favorite for special demos and my “Dine & Discover” events.  It takes two days to ferment and will form the base of the stuffing (blended  with some fresh pico de gallo, which is one of the variations in this new batch)

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