I Like The Way You Move

Photo by D Sharon Pruitt
Pink Sherbet Photography

Recipe for Body, Mind AND Spirit!

I like the way you move…

That’s actually the name of a song that I have on my iPod – specifically on a playlist I titled “Get Moving” —  a collection of music that lifts my spirit and spurs me into motion.

The more you get moving, the more calories you burn.  The more regularly you exercise, the more it revs up your metabolism, helping your body burn calories even faster.

So maybe you’re not be ready to devote a solid 45 minutes to an hour every day on a fixed cardio routine.   There are some great alternatives to get you started.

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Mind Over Muscle – Part I

Super-Charge Your Fitness and Diet Goals Through the Power of your Imagination.   Recipe for Mind Every person receives and processes information from the external world through the doorways of the five senses.  Three of these senses, namely:  sight, hearing, and feeling, are greater equipped to act as filters and process incoming data.  These are called […]

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