Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Adding an Affiliate Banner

Adding a special affiliates banner makes it so that affiliates can easily get a premade link to the image right out of the affiliates section.


1. Login: To add a new affiliate banner, first login as an admin.

2. Upload Image: Next, you need to upload your image. In the admin menu on the left side, go to Media > Add New. Drag and drop the files into the dashed box (or click the “Select files” button to browse for the file of interest). The files will upload.

3. Get Image URL: To get the image URL, click “Edit” next to the uploaded file. When the page reloads, find the box that says “File URL”. Copy the address in the box. Hold on to this – we will need it later.

4. Go to Add Affiliate Banner Section: Now, in the admin menu on the left side, go to WP Affiliates > Add/Edit Ads.

5. Fill out the Banner Details: In the page that load, fill out the details. You must have a banner title (Name), the URL of the NWA page that you want the banner to link to (Target URL), and the URL for the banner image (Image URL). Other fields are optional. When you are done, click “Save Banner” (blue button).

6. Finished: The banner link code will now be available to affiliates in the affiliates section.

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