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Assignment Uploads Options and Upload Limits

This page will explain how to change the title or name of a LearnDash lesson (module) or topic. This will change the name of the lesson as it is displayed in the course outline both on the course homepage and in the sidebar. Note that while this page will use the term “Lesson”, the same process applies to Topics exactly — just substitute “Topic” anywhere “Lesson” is encountered.  Recall that the LearnDash course hierarchy is as follows: Course > Lesson > Topic.

1. Go to the lesson (or topic’s) edit page

Method 1: go to LearnDash LMS > Lessons > and click “Classic Editor” under the lesson of interest and click “Classic Editor”

Method 2: while logged in as admin, navigate directly to the lesson and click “Edit Lesson” in the black toolbar at the top of the page

2. Confirm page opened correctly

Important: if the page has a “Download Center” (like this example — see above screenshot), there is special HTML making the buttons. To avoid deleting the HTML, the page MUST be loading in TEXT EDITOR (not Visual Editor).

3. Scroll down to the “LearnDash Lesson Settings” area

Scroll down to the “LearnDash Lesson Settings” area.

  • Check the “Upload Assignment” box to allow students to submit/upload file(s) to the assignment. Uncheck it to remove this feature from the lesson. You can switch back and forth at any time.
  • In the “Limit number of uploaded files” box, enter an integer number of how many files the student can upload, for example, 1. Enter 999 for unlimited uploads.
  • I also recommend checking the “Allow Students to Delete own Assignment(s)” option, so students can remove accidental uploads.
  • There are several other options available, such as “Award Points for Assignment” (the assignment will be numerically graded, not just pass/fail), “Allowed File Extensions” (to limit uploads to certain file types, such as .docx), and so on.



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