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Changing Download Protection

If you receive a 403 error when trying to access a downloadable, this could be because the file is in a protected area. The protected area prevents unauthorized users from accessing the file, but also makes it difficult to share the file with the public. To share with the public, you will need to change the download protection.

How to tell if a file is in the protected folder

The giveaway is in the link URL, you will seeĀ dlm_uploads, which indicates it is in a protected folder (see screenshot #1). In general, all course downloadables are in the protected folder.

Changing download protection

Go to the Downloads area (https://www.naturalwellnessacademy.org/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=dlm_download) and find the special link to the download in question. You can use the “Search” box to find it; I’ve tried to name them all using search-friendly keywords for easy admin location. Hover over the name of the item you want to de-protect and click “Edit”. On the next page, make sure the “Members only” box on the right side is UNCHECKED. Now click “Update” to save the de-protection change. Finally, copy the URL from the “Download information” box on the upper right; this is the URL to share and will have the formatĀ naturalwellnessacademy.org/download/1234

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