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How to Grade Student Assignments

Admin users receive an email notice (see image below) when a student uploads an assignment (such as a Learning Experience) or completes a quiz. Most quizzes are auto-graded and require no further work from the instructor, but some are not. All Learning Experiences need to be manually graded/approved. The email will contain a link to directly download the file that you can click to download. The second link will take you to a list of ALL uploads that ALL students have submitted, including ones that have been graded plus ones that need to be graded still.  You can also get to the master assignment page (of all submissions) by going to LearnDash LMS > Assignments while logged into the admin area. Assignments that have the “Approve” button next to them still need grading. On the master page, you can hover over the submission name/title to see a “Download” link to download that submission. You can also click “View” to be taken to the comments page (optional). Click the “approve” button on the master page to mark the assignment as satisfactorily completed.

Link to access all assignments: https://www.naturalwellnessacademy.org/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=sfwd-assignment

The video above walks you through the process.


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