Heart Healthy Living

Heart Healthy Living by Dr. LJ

Cardio-Vascular Natural Wellness Program

Dr. LJ’s Heart Healthy Living has helped people transform their conditions, and their lives.Underwritten by a grant from the Astra-Zeneca Foundation, Dr Rose’s Heart Healthy Living Cardio-Vascular Natural Wellness Program was successfully launched at WV Healthright, one of the nations largest and most respected clinics.

Heart Healthy Living addresses and treats the root causes of many cardio-vascular issues; excess weight, high BMI, poor eating habits and unchecked stress.

It’s a practical, manageable, dynamic lifestyle-retraining plan anyone can do… OnSite or OnLine.

Heart Healthy Living is Everything You Need to Create a Long-Lasting, Healthier Lifestyle!

Dr. LJ’s Heart Healthy Living programs include:

  • Education – Workshops, webinars, seminars, videos and e-mails with the latest scientific research how different foods impact health, mood and well-being;
  • Demonstration – Demos and videos of delicious, nutritious raw fusion superfood recipes prepared by a Gourmet Natural Wellness Chef;
  • Motivation – Proven techniques for reprogramming habits, stress management and long-term success;
  • Hypnovation – Hypnotherapeutic MP3 audio sessions created by an expert in the field of subconscious dynamics to break old habits and establish new. The Mayo Clinic says, “Hypnosis addresses overeating by attacking the psychological food cravings. It also helps patients discover the deep-seated reasons why food is used in ways other than to satisfy hunger.”

A Proven Program

Shedding excess weight through healthy lifestyle dramatically reduces the chances of cardio-vascular diseases like high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, heart failure, strokes, diabetes and even cancer.

The programs blend Cognitive Recognition Therapy, Subconscious Dynamics, Raw Fusion Cuisine, Hypnotherapy, Nutritional Counseling and Daily Motivational, Educational and Inspirational Online messages with simple psychological tools, techniques and tips for eating healthier and making better lifestyle choices.

It’s very affordable, easy-to follow and implement, and most importantly, it really works. Participants typically lose 20 to 50 lbs and keep it off. Most say they feel better than ever with more energy, focus and mental acuity.

Dr. LJ’s Heart Healthy Living has helped people:

  • Eat Healthier Foods
  • Lose Weight Naturally
  • Feel Great
  • Boost Brain Function
  • Restore Vitality
  • Reduce Triglycerides, LDL and Blood Pressure
  • Boost HDL
  • Reduce Inflammation and Concurrent Disease
  • Develop Psychological Self-Help Tools for Long-Term Positive Change

The Challenge

Heart disease kills almost 600,000 Americans each year, more than any other cause of death, and many of these deaths were preventable. –CDC

Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in the United States.

But you can significantly reduce your risk, and often reverse years of damage, through simple lifestyle modifications.

The Harvard School of Public Health reports: “Diabetes is directly causing almost 70,000 deaths each year and contributing to thousands more.

“Data from the Health Professionals Follow-up Study indicate that a “Western” diet, combined with lack of physical activity and excess weight, dramatically increases the risk of type 2 diabetes.

“The good news is that type 2 diabetes is largely preventable. About 9 cases in 10 could be avoided by taking several simple steps: keeping weight under control, exercising more, eating a healthy diet, and not smoking.”

In fact, Dr. Howard LeWine of Harvard Medical School says people who lose just 7% of their body weight can lower their risk of type 2 diabetes by 58%.

The Solution

Heart Healthy Living shows you how to naturally manage diet and stress, the two major causes of heart problems.

The Harvard Report concludes, “Cardiovascular disease is treatable and reversible, even after a long history of disease. Treatment is primarily focused on diet and stress reduction.

“Clinical trials strongly support the idea that type 2 diabetes is preventable. In the group assigned to weight loss and exercise, there were 58 percent fewer cases of diabetes than in the group assigned to usual care.”

Dr. LJ’s Heart Healthy Living guides you a step-by-step, proven cardio-vascular wellness plan for eating better, moving more and changing your lifestyle for a measurably healthier life.

Dr. LJ’s Heart Healthy Living

…has everything you need to transform your body and dramatically reduce your risk of heart disease.

With Heart Healthy Living, there are NO drugs, no dangerous side-effects, no invasive surgeries, no counting calories, no crash or yo-yo dieting and no processed foods.

There are NO drugs, no dangerous side-effects, no invasive surgeries, no counting calories, no crash or yo-yo dieting and no processed foods.  Just a clinically-tested Natural Wellness strategy for long-lasting change.

You will enjoy Heart Healthy, Raw Fusion versions of your favorite foods, packed with nutrition, vitamins, minerals, tastes and fat-burning elements that revive and never deprive.

It’s an exciting step-by-step plan that can impact all phases of your life.  Most students say they feel better than they have in years, with more energy, vitality and focus.

This proven program includes:

  • Hypnovation for Health click here for more information on Hypnovation for Health
  • Live Seminars and/or Webinars
  • Daily Meal Planners
  • Over 100 Fast & Easy, Super-Nutritious, Delicious Dishes: Most can be made in 5 minutes or less, for $5 or less, without an oven or range.
  • 6 Hypnotherapy Audio Modules: listen to each approx 20 minutes module for 21 days of Positive Subconscious Change
  • Daily Online Motivational/Educational/Inspirational E-mails—packed with important food and health news, easy to make snacks, deserts and dishes, and powerful Mind Mastery Techniques you’ll use every day
  • A website with information-packed news and articles, phenomenal recipes and psychological tips and tools.

Choose from a variety of Onsite and Online Programs:


  • Worksite Natural Wellness
  • Seminars
  • Lunch & Learn
  • Private Consultations
  • Live Events, Classes & Education
  • Personalized Programs
  • One-to-One Sessions

  • Online Classes & Education
  • Personalized Programs
  • One-to-One Private Sessions
  • Webinars
  • Daily E-Mail Coaching
  • TeleSeminars
  • Skype Coaching/Consultations

Put the Power of Your Mind to Work for You

Dr. Oz calls hypnosis the “secret weapon” in weight loss.

Hypnosis addresses the overeating problem by attacking the psychological food cravings. – Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic says “Gastric bypass, gastric banding surgery, diet pills and diets are ways that people try and fail to lose excess weight. Despite the variety in their approach to weight loss, those methods do not address the underlying cause of the excess weight, which is overeating.

“Overeating has a psychological component that must be addressed before weight lost can be successful. Hypnosis addresses the overeating problem by attacking the psychological food cravings. It also helps patients discover the deep-seated reasons why food is used in ways other than to satisfy hunger.”

To Enroll

Call 813 333-2626 for more information or to enroll in one of Dr. LJ’s Heart Healthy Living Natural Wellness Programs.

We’ll help you choose the learning experience best suited to your needs and schedule.  And stay with you every step of your journey to transforming your mind and body.  It’s a bold exciting journey you’ll love!

Students Say…

Almost two months after Linda J. Rose’s classes, everybody is still talking about how much we have learned from her classes. She was very informative and up to date on what we need to do to continue to strive for a healthy heart and lifestyle.

“I have been on blood pressure medicine for several years.   My blood pressure was always 159/105, even with medicine. 

“I can happily report that after two months of green smoothies, I am now no longer on medicine for blood pressure.  Now, without medicine my blood pressure stays at 112/65.”

~ Linda P., Healthy Heart Participant

“Dr. LJ’s program and knowledge is better than reading a good book, I just love all that it offers. Working on the subconscious is working!”

~ Sandy K.

“My staff is still discussing the healthy tips and great food preparation presented by Dr. LJ …like how easy it is to eat ‘nutrition foods’ rather than dead calories or foods without any value.  Thanks again LJ for your great interaction with a health clinic that needed your help!”

~ Patricia H White, Executive Director, WV Health Right, Inc

“Dr. LJ keeps everyone on the edge of their seats with her demonstrating skills, humor and vast knowledge on how to eat healthy.  She focused on incorporating raw super foods in to our diets and infusing them into drinks and food we enjoy eating.  She taught us about living food compared to the harmfulness of processed foods.  She shared great alternative meals for those of us who love certain foods and she taught about the right ways to combine foods for our bodies to function at its best.  She also gave everyone a book of recipes, healthy living tips and motivational messages to keep them on track with their new way of eating. 

“We at WV Health Right have been having healthy eating classes for years and LJ enlightened us to more life changing information than we had ever been given before.”

~ Keith Settle, Program Director, Pathways to a Healthy Heart

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Dr. LJ’s Natural Wellness Programs complement your doctor’s care… NOT replace it.  Please consult a physician regarding any medical concerns you may have.

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