As a child your imagination was boundless and you believed in unlimited possibilities. Within your psyche is an “inner fairy.” She represents the unique and magical way you bring joy into the world. She holds the key to your innate potential for creativity. By tuning into your Inner Fairy you receive her inspiration and guidance. Like the Muses of ancient Greece, the Inner Fairy rekindles your sense of magic and broadens your imagination. Here is where the magic begins!

Let’s find your own “inner fairy” from among the 24 beautiful beings you will soon learn about. They all represent feminine empowerment and are uniquely and extraordinarily gifted in the metaphysical world. Each one symbolizes universal types and possesses meta-traits that we can identify with as role models, archetypes or muses.

We recommend that you just answer quickly and sincerely, selecting the answers to which you feel an instant identification. No need to analyze or ponder these at all. If you have any doubt or hesitation, just go on to the next question. There are no right or wrong answers!

After finishing the questions, click the button. You will be taken to the fairy which most represents you based on your responses. This is most likely your Inner Fairy. After viewing your result, you can hit the “Back” button on your browser to return to this page. Your selections should still be marked for easy viewing. Scroll down to the all results section. You can compare your selection score in any section to that section’s corresponding fairy! You might be surprised to see how your results are spread out.

If you feel a special identification with any of the 24, you are welcome to work with those fairies that attract you or possess the qualities that you would most like to bring forth in your life. It is also significant to note which of the sections that you have the least responses – this fairy might be operating in a very unconscious manner within your psyche and have much to teach you.

If you want to learn how to perform an Inner Fairy Reading service for your clients, or you want to learn about the fairies and the archetypes they represent in detail, check out our Spiritual Wellness Specialist Dual Certification program.

Quiz Questions

Check as many responses as apply to you per section.

A Dynamic is a word that I feel applies to me.
My favorite time of day is dawn or early morning.
I am most excited by the prospect of starting new things.
I am particularly attracted to the color red.
People describe me as colorful and intense.
My astrological sign is Aries.
B I have a strong sense of having a mission in life.
My love of children makes me very protective of them.
I am a hard worker and extremely devoted to what I do.
I am extremely attracted to nature and seek to spend time outdoors.
Financial security is vital to my own sense of security.
My astrological sign is Taurus.
C I have the sense of having a dual personality.
I am described as being quick-witted and versatile.
I prize intellectual curiosity.
I am very playful and open to new ideas.
I was quite the tomboy when I was young.
My astrological sign is Gemini.
D I am very drawn to the color blue.
I am particularly attracted to the moon and its cycles.
People describe me as very maternal and nurturing.
Children are very special to me and are usually drawn to me.
Being compassionate and charitable are my greatest attributes.
My astrological sign is Cancer.
E Passion and romance are things I seek in life.
I feel best when I can spend time in the sun or daylight.
I feel self-confident.
I prize independence above all things.
I love attention, and seek to be in the limelight.
My astrological sign is Leo.
F It is important to me to feel needed.
I am particularly attracted to nature and animals.
People count on my responsibility and ability to follow-through.
I wish to be or identify with, the role of “healer.”
People describe me as analytical and thorough.
My astrological sign is Virgo.
G People describe me as charming and engaging.
I am easily able to see both sides of an issue and have fair judgment.
My favorite time of day in sundown.
I have a special skill at decorating or creating a harmonious environment.
I treasure learning and have an agile mind.
My astrological sign is Libra.
H I have a strong sense of empathy with nature.
It is important for me to feel that I am in control of a situation.
I am known to persevere when I feel it is an important mission in life.
I naturally attract abundance and am generous with my good fortune.
Rivers and lakes are especially appealing to me.
My astrological sign is Scorpio.
I I am interested in learning many forms of spirituality and belief systems.
I am very attracted to firelight.
I am very athletic and excel in sports.
At the same time, people describe me as charismatic and feminine.
I love travel and relish the chance to explore new places.
My astrological sign is Sagittarius.
J Teaching is something that I relish.
People often comment that I am a born leader
Integrity and Wisdom are attributes that I most prize in life.
I almost always have fresh flowers around my home and/or adore gardening.
I consider myself to have traditional values.
My astrological sign is Capricorn.
K I am not bothered by other’s expectations of me.
Others describe me as a humanitarian.
I am devoted to social causes and value group collaboration.
Open spaces are very appealing to me.
I am inventive and consider myself to be a visionary type.
My astrological sign is Aquarius.
L I often know things before they happen.
I tend to be dreamy and spend a lot of time in reverie and fantasy.
I would choose to live near water than any other place.
I have a very creative side to my nature.
People tell me that I have natural talent for the arts.
My astrological sign is Pisces.
M I have a good sense of humor.
I feel that life is an adventure and that every moment is precious.
I have particular respect for my elders and prize their wisdom.
I have a mature outlook towards life.
Yet at the same time, I can find enjoyment in just about everything!
My astrological sign is Aries.
N I am a huge supporter of animal rights.
I love nature, particularly being in wide open spaces.
If I were to do any volunteer work it would be helping animals.
People describe me as kind-hearted and generous.
Being a mentor to others is extremely important to me.
My astrological sign is Taurus.
O I am considered talented in more than one of the Arts (i.e. singing, dancing, painting, acting, writing).
Sharing my gifts and talents and with the world is my dream.
I would get bored if I were doing only one thing at a time.
Seeing live performances or visiting art galleries thrill me.
Creativity is one of life’s greatest treasures.
My astrological sign is Gemini.
P I am a very supportive and nurturing person.
Even as a child, I dreamed of having children.
Gentleness is one of the greatest traits in the world.
I do not like to share my private emotions with others.
My ideal relationship would be with someone who can give as much as they can take.
My astrological sign is Cancer.
Q I am excited about life and want to experience all it has to offer.
I seek to make the most of each day and embrace each moment.
I feel self-confident and I am not dependent upon what others think of me.
I prize my independence and I am fiercely loyal.
I love attention and seek the limelight.
My astrological sign is Leo.
R There’s nothing like getting lost in a good book!
I have learned so much about the world through reading.
People consider me to be a great problem-solver.
I think I would make an excellent teacher.
Libraries and bookstores are some of my favorite places.
My astrological sign is Virgo.
S People may describe me as strong and fearless.
The most valuable thing I have in life is my word.
I was pretty much a tomboy when I was young.
I would definitely fight for a cause that I strongly believe in.
I am an outdoor, athletic type.
My astrological sign is Libra.
T I have been known more than once to act on a dare!
People describe me as unusual or mysterious.
I am very drawn to Goth-style clothing and colors.
I have very few inhibitions.
The mystical side of life appeals to me.
My astrological sign is Scorpio.
U Why have plans? I prefer to decide at the spur of the moment!
Dancing is one of my favorite things to do.
If I could, I’d travel around the world and take my time getting to know people, places and things.
I am really curious about other people and cultures.
People would describe me as a “free spirit.”
My astrological sign is Sagittarius.
V I adore nature and anything green!
People describe me as careful and responsible.
I believe that spending time around trees really makes you feel better.
A leadership role is something that I feel I could handle well.
I feel like a pretty grounded person.
My astrological sign is Capricorn.
W I am considered a good communicator in my relationships.
My mind often wanders, thinking of ideas about how I’d like the world to be.
Living near mountains would be my choice.
Watching birds fly has always fascinated me.
I am a very trustworthy person.
My astrological sign is Aquarius.
X I am happiest when I am giving to others.
If I had a magic wand I would make sure that everyone in the world had everything they wanted.
The idea of getting older has great appeal as I think I will be happier and wiser.
Sometimes I can see into the future.
It’s easy for me to forgive when someone has upset me.
My astrological sign is Pisces.

All Results

A. Queen Isabella of the Rainbow ~ Creativity & New Beginnings

B. Sephira, The Dreamtime Fairy ~ Love & Commitment

C. Doriana & Dorian, The Tooth Fairy Twins ~ Communication & Ingenuity

D. Luminara, The Snow Fairy ~ Compassion & Nurturing

E. Tamara, the Fairy of Passion ~ Self-Confidence & Independence

F. Florentina Nightingale, The Fairy Therapist ~ Healing & Service

G. Jae-Lin, The Feng Shui Fairy ~ Balance & Harmony

H. Xiomara, Spirit of the Rainforest ~ Courage and Abundance

I. Cleo, The Fairy of Feminine Beauty ~ Charisma & Adventure

J. Queen Lia of the Flowers ~ Leadership & Integrity

K. Gabriella, The Fairy of Protection ~ Originality & Unity

L. Bahari, The Sea Nymph ~ Intuition & Inspiration

M. Queen Jordanna of the Dawn ~ Wisdom & Whimsy

N. Fairy Queen Zadhara, Protector of Animals ~ Devotion & Mercy

O. Fairy Kalakhara, Muse of the Arts ~ Versatile & Multi-Talented

P. Fairies Maribelle & Baby Belle ~ Nurturing & Unconditional Love

Q. Phoebe, The Fairy of Self-Acceptance ~ Enthusiasm & Self-Esteem

R. Helaina, Fairy of Fine Literature ~ Intelligent & Inquisitive

S. Prince Vaughn, Patron of Honor ~ Courage & Honor

T. Ravanna, The Goth Fairy ~ Daring & Eccentric

U. Arianna, The Gypsy Fairy ~ Spontaneous & Charming

V. Esmeralda, The Nature Fairy ~ Commitment & Self-Reliance

W. Fairy Queen Nuanna of the Wings ~ Vision & Integrity

X. Fairy Queen Orianne, Godmother of Blessings ~ Grace & Generosity

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